9 Selling on Amazon Tips All Beginners Must Know

9 Selling on Amazon Tips All Beginners Must Know

Are you thinking of trying to start an eCommerce business by selling on Amazon? If so, you’ll want to read these 9 selling on Amazon tips before you get started!

If you’ve heard anything about eCommerce, then you’ll understand it’s the present and future of shopping. Whether you’re a big name brand or an at-home reseller, there’s money to be had in online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Selling on Amazon tips will certainly help you rake in the extra dollars (and may even provide you a steady income!). In fact, people have earned thousands of dollars each month by reselling simple products such as kids toys on Amazon.

We’ve got just the tips to get you started! In this article, we’ll go over nine ways that you can ensure your Amazon sales reach their fullest potential!

9 Selling on Amazon Tips for Success

Ready to turn online sales into a profitable business? Here are some of the essential things you need to focus on:

1. Own Your Market

The first step in being an Amazon guru is to own the market you’re in. You don’t have to literally be the proprietor, but you need to boss up in your sales circle enough to be a major player.

That means rising above the failures of competitors and understanding market fluctuations over time. Conduct research on your product and the present market before you start selling.

This way, you’ll be up-to-date on communication and marketing methods and prepared for upcoming market swings. Consider using product research tools like Helium 10 to gain insight into your market.

2. Price Competitively

Shoppers take to Amazon to escape the high prices of department stores and direct purchases from name brand suppliers. They’re expecting a better deal right off the bat. To keep them happy and ready to shop, you should meet their expectations.

That means doing the hard research on how much similar (or identical) products are going for and doing the math.

What math?

Crunching the numbers to determine how far you can go down on your costs and still make a comfortable profit. You want to wow your customers and beat the competition, but you still need to make some income.

3. Take Quality Photos

One of the first things that will immediately set you apart is a fantastic (or poor quality) photo. Consider customers who scroll through products on Amazon; there are hundreds of listings with competitive prices, and they’re browsing by photo.

If you hope to grab a customer’s attention as they scroll, your image will have to stand out immediately. You can’t compromise on the quality of the picture (as in, the equipment used and the clarity of the final product).

Consider backdrops on your listing images or creative ways to watermark them that will capture buyer’s glances. Getting the client to your seller’s page is a tremendous step in the buyer’s process.

4. Write a Bullet-Proof Description and Include Product Details

If you know anything about Google algorithms or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then this will be easy to understand. If not, bear with us for a moment.

Google brings up the most accurate search results from their engines by looking for keywords and phrases appearing on websites. These keywords help Google match up indexed information with exactly what people are searching for.

Amazon is similar: size, color, dimensions, product usefulness, etc., should appear in the product description for searchability. You should include any notable facts about the product (such as celebrity endorsements) to build interest.

Consider listing product details underneath an intro paragraph for more accurate SEO.

5. Get More Reviews

Before a customer finalizes their purchase, they’ll likely glance at the seller ratings. These figures indicate past transactions and customer satisfaction with products. A negative reputation will quickly lose you sales.

Amazon naturally prompts users to leave reviews on products, but you should help by building trust. Follow through with delivery methods and be as accurate as you can in pictures and descriptions. That way, buyers will want to leave good reviews.

6. Follow the Rules Set Down by Amazon

There’s nothing that will shut down your Amazon sales faster than disobeying their rules. As a seller, you should go over the company policies and make sure all your tactics for earning a sale follow guidelines.

Most of the information on the Amazon policy page seems pretty straightforward. However, skipping over any of the items or raising enough suspicion with the company will get you booted.

Not only will you have lost sales, but you will have lost reputation with the company as well.

7. Make Customer Service Your Priority

Once you land a sale and gain a new customer, the process of upholding your reputation is far from over. Answering customer questions up front and responding promptly shows good customer service.

Excellent customer service goes far beyond that: this includes timely refunds and returns, quick and reliable communication, and handling disputes professionally.

Quality customer service will help you retain loyal customers and build trust for a stellar Amazon Seller reputation.

8. Keep a Detailed Track of Inventory

It’s very disappointing for customers to go through the hurdles of finding a product to buy, and it not being in inventory. “Out of Stock” can mean “Out of Business” for many eCommerce companies.

Sellers should keep a detailed inventory to prevent from selling out of a certain item. If a product is selling out, then not stocking enough in time could make or break your sales.

9. Monitor Performance Over Time

All sellers (whether eCommerce or not) should continually seek out new ways of improving their services. This only helps to build up their reputation and gain more and more customers over time.

Look for products that aren’t selling or explore why certain trends aren’t catching. Improve your customer service to keep a lucrative business running smoothly on Amazon.

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