5 Games to Play When You’re Bored

If you don’t want to invest in an playing console like Xbox or Playstation, you can easily use your computer or phone to play games or bet online to make your spare time more entertaining. Simply continue reading to discover 5 unique games to play when you’re bored.

5 Games to Play When You’re Bored:

1. Overwatch

If you’re a fan of online, multi-player games and enjoy playing first-person shooters, it’s well worth giving Overwatch a try. Overwatch is one of the number one multi-player games and is centered around an international team of superheroes whose primary goal is to try and restore peace to a war-torn world.

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a superhero and are looking for an online game to play with some of your friends, you’re bound to spend countless hours playing Overwatch! So if you’re interested, start creating your very own superhero avatar, to play with.

2. Hearthstone

If you prefer strategy based card games, you may be interested in giving Hearthstone a try. Don’t worry unlike a lot of online card games, Hearthstone has been designed to be simple to pick up, so it won’t take you several days in order to win your first duel.

In Hearthstone, you’ll use your cards in order to play unique spells, each of which will have a different effect on your opponent. As an example, some rare cards will allow you to summon forth magical creatures, who’ll give you a huge advantage in your duel.

3. League of Legends

League of Legends is an incredibly popular online multi-player game which involves trying to defeat a competitor’s army of magical creatures, by using a variety of different strategies. As an example, you may want to split up your army in order to surround your enemies or you may want to storm your enemies with a barrage of powerful spells.

One of the fun parts of League of Legends is creating a personalized champion to be your primary playable character. Currently, there are over 100 different types of champions to choose from. Examples of which include sharp marksmen and powerful mages.

4. Sports Betting online

If you’re interested in playing games for cold, hard cash and consider yourself a lucky person, you may want to try betting online. As you’ll be able to kill time, when you’re standing in a line at the grocery store, commuting to or from work or waiting in an airport lounge. There are numerous results which you can choose to bet on, examples which of include popular sports event like the Commonwealth games taking place soon.

5. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a scrabble influenced word game, which challenges you to make unique, high scoring words, with a limited amount of tiles. So if you’re looking to challenge your friends to a word game, it’s well worth playing Words With Friends, which is one of the top rated word games online. If none of your friends play Words With Friends, you can also choose to be matched against random players around the world instead of facing off against your friends.

So next time you feel boredom setting in, simply turn your smartphone or laptop on and play one of the 5 games listed above!

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