Why You Should Invest In A Car Bubble For Your Vehicle

You don’t have to make an investment in a luxury car to appreciate the value of a vehicle. No matter what you drive or what your lifestyle is, you probably want to protect your cars value for as a long as possible. This ensures you’ll get maximum trade-in value when you’re ready to upgrade. Plus, you’ll never have to be embarrassed by dirt and corrosion. Whether you have an exotic sportscar, a classic muscle car or dreamy convertible, consider these reasons for investing in a car storage bubble:

  1. Less moisture to affect the finish of your car

At the heart of a car bubble is a high-pressure fan that circulates air to keep your vehicle dry. The air changes inside the bubble to be consistent with the outside air, which prevents condensation on your vehicle.

  1. Completely seals your vehicle in a vinyl protectant bubble

If you fear rust, dirt, dust, dings, fingerprints and corrosion, then a car bubble is the answer. It locks your car away from the elements. Even dropping a small 5-pound hammer on the vinyl won’t damage your car because the vinyl is so sturdy that the hammer bounces right off. Kids and friends won’t be tempted to touch the car or leave their bike against it.

  1. If you don’t have a garage, a car bubble is a great option

Not everyone has the garage space to store all their vehicles. The outdoor model of the car bubble can be attached to the ground with tie-downs and offers all the protection of a garage. Instead of worrying about damage to your valuable vehicle, you can sleep at night, knowing it will be protected against the elements.

California Car Cover Co. is known for its custom car covers, designed to protect your investment against the elements. Get more information about car storage options when you contact one of the specialists about indoor and outdoor car covers.

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