Arnon Dror, The Keys to a Long Career in Business

Longevity in business is not easy and to forge out a successful career over the long term is something which many wish for, but few achieve. It is for this reason why one of my greatest business inspirations is Arnon Dror, a Portland, Oregon resident like myself, ex VP of Xerox, highly successful businessman who has spent over 30 years in the industry, and he’s also a Knicks fan like me! Arnon has not only worked in business for such a long time, he has also found great success everywhere that he has gone, and here is how he has managed to achieve it.


Arnon has never been one to let the grass grow under his feet and in terms of his own business abilities he has constantly strived to refine and perfect his business craft. After many years in business it can be easy to become complacent in terms of your own abilities but through regular self assessment and a good dose of honesty with it, Arnon has been able to continuously work hard to keep improving.


Arnon is a key figure in the business community here in Portland, Oregon and that not only down to his success, but also his ability to form and maintain strong relationships throughout the business landscape. Arnon is someone who is known for helping others, trafficking information, clients and even contacts to younger businesses, he has also helped young business minds in the local colleges to be inspired and believe in themselves. Arnon was helped out in this way when he was coming up and he has repaid that by helping others. Business owners must work with one another on a professional basis and in doing this you can create a network of support which can help you to maintain success.


Innovation is key in business in order to keep up with the moving times and changing trends which occurs. We have seen in recent years how industry leaders like Blockbuster and Toys R Us have been forced to close down and this came as a result of their inability to innovate and change with the times. Throughout all of his endeavors Arnon has always been a forward thinker, spotting trends and new ways of working which have ensured that both he and his businesses are always ahead of the curve.

Work Ethic

Many business owners will give huge amounts of effort in the early years of business and then they will slow down once success arrives. In the case of Arnon however this has never been the case and it is his hard work ethic which has helped him to stay in business for such a long time where he has of course achieved huge success. To combine the core skills which he has with a hard work ethic that has never wavered is without a doubt the biggest reason for his long service in this industry.


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