A Woman’s Bodybuilding Guide to What to Wear at the Gym

A Woman’s Bodybuilding Guide to What to Wear at the Gym

Whether you’re just starting out on your bodybuilding journey or you’ve been at it for a time, there is etiquette to follow for what to wear at the gym. Read here to learn what is and is not allowed, not to mention finding the right clothes for your style and fit.

Establishing a steady gym routine can be a little intimidating at first. Between not knowing which motions to do for the results you want or understanding how to eat, there’s a lot that goes into improving your health.

Not to mention, everyone around you seems to really know what they’re doing, and look even better! How are you supposed to compete with that? First, by understanding it’s not a competition at all.

Fitness isn’t about who can lift the heaviest or look the best. It’s about doing something for yourself; to put in the work now so you can have a better quality of life later.

But, it doesn’t hurt to feel good and look good, too. If you’re not sure what to wear at the gym, use the following guide to help you decide.

Understand Comfort Comes First

Ever tried working out in jeans? Or stretching while wearing a cocktail dress? These clearly aren’t the best ideas of what to wear to the gym.

As exaggerated as they are, though, such thoughts reflect how important it is to be comfortable while you workout. You should be wearing breathable fabric that looks good and doesn’t feel restricted on the body. Such clothing results in a better workout performance.

But, comfort goes beyond the kind of fabric you’re wearing. You have to think about the range of motion available to you and how modest or revealing you look, too.

Here’s why.

Think About Your Range of Motion

Lifting weights makes you do certain motions you’re not normally used to performing. They are natural movements of the body that work the muscles, but it’s not like you walk around your office doing lunges or do curls with your grocery bags.

Such motions are reserved for the gym, and they need the right women’s gym clothing to be completed well. When you wear a big t-shirt or baggy sweatpants, for example, you’re not able to get the full range of motion of certain body parts.

Sweatpants will hang loosely as you’re doing squats or make you have to pull your pants up every two seconds when doing lunges. Similarly, a baggy t-shirt won’t feel as comfortable as something like a sports tank top would while you work on pull-downs and seated rows.

Having Confidence versus Dealing with Catcalls

It’s one thing to feel comfortable while you’re doing certain motions and another thing to feel eyes on you as you workout. Getting catcalled or even just stared at is one of the easiest ways to ruin a good workout.

Good thing all you need to do to prevent this is do a mirror check before walking out the door. There’s no shame in wearing spandex to the gym if it’s covering everything that should be covered. The same thing goes for tank tops or supportive sports bras that make you feel cute, but not too sexy.

Remember, you’re not there to flaunt your stuff. You’re at the gym to work your muscles and focus on you.

Save getting a date for other places and different outfit choices. If you don’t mind showing some extra skin, keep in mind that your gym may have certain policies against this. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to cover up or even leave the floor until you can follow the gym dress code.

Choose the Right Attire for Certain Days

Another thing to think about when deciding on your gym dress choice for the day is what muscle you plan to workout. Think of the sweatpants and squats example mentioned above.

You can get away with sweats if all you’re doing that day is upper body strength. Also, it’s not like you can’t wear spandex when it’s not your leg day. You just have to be mindful of the motions you plan to do and the overall vibe you’re putting off.

To get the right attire down for each day of the week, consider the outfit choices below.

Ideal Leg Day Outfits

Nothing says leg day like putting on your favorite athletic leggings and going straight to the squat rack. It’s kind of like the feeling you get when you put on a little black dress for date night or wear your best business attire for an interview.

Wearing leggings to the gym for leg day means you’re about to crush your workout. For a hot day or to switch things up, try spandex and long sleeves to strut your legs a bit.

Cool Styles for Upper Body Workouts

Just as there are many types of upper body workouts you can do, there’s plenty of variations as to what you can/should wear. Again, the main thing to focus on is your range of motion. More so, consider the mind to muscle connections available.

Many people get a bit of a better pump when they can see the area they’re focusing on in the mirror. This means wearing tank tops when you work shoulders and short sleeves when it’s chest and tricep day.

Such styles and cuts allow you to zone in on the area you’re trying to work. You can click to check out this amazing bodybuilding women store for more outfit ideas.

Spin Class, Yoga, and More

What if you’re not doing weights one day, but a spin class or yoga instead? For classes, it’s usually best to wear long pants, and leggings are always better than sweatpants.

This keeps you covered (and classy!) without restricting your range of motion. When you’re wearing leggings, you can spin in style and do all kinds of yoga movements with confidence. Plus, the extra fabric will better wick the sweat off you without you creating a little puddle around your workout area.

Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Right when you’re ready to walk out the door, think about the shoes you need to wear. Are you doing cardio that day or focusing on squats and lunges? Is it better to just grab a pair of flip flops to drive to the yoga studio in?

Cardio exercises will need a bit of support. Get sneakers with good padding on the bottom and make sure they’re tied tight. Squats and lunges, on the other hand, are easier to do (and get the most out of) when you’re as flat-footed as possible.

How to Pick What to Wear at the Gym: Have Fun!

At the end of the day, the most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear at the gym is to have fun. This is your time to work on you. It’s when you get to clear your mind, work up a good sweat, and enjoy yourself while doing so.

You should look good too, but in a way that enhances your workout and doesn’t make you look like you’re there to get a guy. For more workout and healthy living tips and tricks, click here.

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