3 Skills That Can Help You Land Your First Job

Although now is one of the worst times in recent history to be looking for a job, many people are out hunting for work, some for the first time. While people who’ve been employed before may at first appear to have a leg up on those who are just starting out in their careers, there are things that can make someone who’s looking for the first job a more appealing offer to an employer.

To help you see how this can be possible, here are three skills that can help you land your first job.

Become A Problem Solver

In many instances, what makes an employer want to hire someone isn’t necessarily their formal education or previous work experience but their attitude and ability to bring something beneficial to their company. One way you can prove that you have the capability to do these things is to showcase yourself as a problem solver.

According to Lily Zhang, a contributor to The Muse, if you can show a prospective employer that you’re aware of the work environment around you and will take it on yourself to address problems you notice before they become overwhelming to the organization, this can make you an invaluable person to add to the company. You can prove to an employer that you have this skill by talking about things that you’ve improved in the past or previous times that you’ve taken initiative regarding a problem.

Open Yourself Up To Learning More

Even if you have some kind of formal education, it’s folly to think that there’s nothing more for you to learn as you seek to get your first job. Because of this, Scott Morris, a contributor to SkillCrush.com, shares that it’s wise to show to an employer that you’re ready and able to learn anything that you can from the job you’d be given.

Whether the job you’re applying for is in an office setting or would have you helping with manual labor in a warehouse, it’s a good idea to position yourself as someone who’s excited about learning how that particular company works and how your future job could help you further the goals and objectives of that company.

Build Proficiency With Technology

With new technologies coming to every industry almost on a daily basis, one way you can set yourself apart from other candidates with more hands-on experience is to gain your own experience with emerging technologies.

According to Bhaskar Roy, a contributor to Fast Company, it’s a huge plus for a company if they can hire someone who’s already familiar with the tech stack that they’ve been using. So by learning as much as you can about the software that most companies in your field are currently running, you could make yourself very appealing even without a lot of previous work experience.

If you’re trying to land your first job in today’s job market, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find the best fit.


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