Healthy Dairy Products to Include in your Diet

healthy dairy products

The global trend for a healthy lifestyle has changed many people for the better, and a big part of physical health is connected to your diet, and while we have known about the calcium benefits of healthy dairy products for some time, it has recently been discovered that dairy products are essential for a balanced diet.

healthy dairy products

Here are a few of the healthy dairy products list that you should consume on a regular basis.

  • Fresh Cow’s Milk – A glass a day gives you all the essential calcium you need, plus calcium is known to prevent heart disease, and with essential Vitamin D, cow’s milk should be included in your daily diet. Your kids should drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day, and adults should also drink milk on a daily basis.
  • Non-Homogenised Milk – Milk is typically pasteurised and homogenised, with the former killing bacteria at a specific temperature, a process invented by Louis Pastor in France during the 19th century. Homogenisation is a process that turns all the milk molecules to the same size, ensuring the milk is permanently mixed, yet older readers will remember the thick cream that would rise to the top of the school milk bottle, and you will recall how delicious it tasted. If you would like to order Australian-made non-homogenised milk, a Google search will put you in touch with a local dairy farm that sells non-homogenised milk.
  • Yoghurts – These are very beneficial, and today, there are so many different flavours, it is hard to know what to choose. Many people swear by a fruit and yoghurt breakfast, which is not only very nutritious, it tastes great too! If you are concerned about your skin, read this article that has some tips to keep your skin healthy.
  • Cheese – There are so many varieties of cheese and you can have fun exploring the various tastes, with cheddars and strong-tasting blues, plus there are lots of ways to incorporate cheeses into your diet; grated cheese on spaghetti Bolognese is something else, while adding cheese to jacket potatoes is a wow! Cheese is great with crackers for a midnight snack, and there’s nothing to beat a cheese sandwich or roll in the afternoon to replenish your energy levels.
  • Full Cream Milk – The taste is out of this world, and research tells us we might have got it wrong about high cholesterol, and that drinking a glass of full cream milk per day is good for you. There are small dairy farms that market fresh dairy products online, and they will deliver to your door, which is ideal with the pandemic we are all experiencing. Full cream milk is good for all ages, so search online for a local dairy farm and you can order fresh dairy produce and have it home delivered. Here is some government advice about losing weight, should you be looking to lose a few pounds.

Best Healthy Dairy products provide us with calcium, essential vitamins and minerals that we need on a daily basis, and with local small dairy farms that sell their products online, you can enjoy premium dairy produce at affordable prices.


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