10 Types of Online Certification Courses You Can Take to Advance Your Career

Want to boost your earning potential? Click here to find out 10 types of online certification courses you can take to advance your career!

Do you want a raise or promotion? Securing a higher salary is difficult if you don’t stand out from your fellow colleagues.

To boost your salary in any industry, the key is furthering your education. Many certifications are transferable and make you more valuable to the employer.

That doesn’t mean you need to go back to college or university. You can continue to work full time while earning a certification on the side and online. In fact, millions of Americans make supplementary education a part of their routines.

Ready to find out which online certification courses will boost your value at work? Keep reading for the ten best courses to take.

1. Health and Safety Coordination

Every office, warehouse, and workspace has health and safety hazards. Many employees take obligatory training on this subject, but very few become experts.

By taking further health and safety training online, you can become a coordinator. This title adds more responsibility to your plate. It also adds to your reasons for deserving a raise.


Cybersecurity is also a skill that can help make your workplace safer. Enrolling in Security+ Training can teach you the skills you need to secure the company. And, make it safer for everyone.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is an awesome tool for editing photos and creating marketing materials. But, it’s not an easy resource to learn. Without certification and training, most people don’t know how to use it.

You can stand out among your peers by learning this integral program.

The next time your boss needs headshots edited, or photos of your products edited, you’ll be ready. Plus, knowing how to use Photoshop looks great on your resume.

3. Social Media Marketing

Every business needs marketing, and today’s marketing takes place mostly online. That means every company needs someone who understands social media and can put them on the map.

If you’ve grown up as a millennial, you likely already know how to use social media. But, marketing on social media is different from having a personal profile.

It can be very beneficial to take a social media marketing course online. Learning how to use computers well is useful for the workplace.

4. SEO Tactics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Without it, new customers won’t find you on Google or other search engines. Knowing how to use SEO for your company’s website will set you apart from the crowd.

There are tons of SEO courses online; you only need to know the basics to make a difference.

Showing your employer that you understand how to use SEO to garner new customers is huge. Your initiative to learn this skill shows dedication to the company.

5. Networking

Did you know that 15 million Americans suffer from social anxiety? Especially when it comes to networking. It’s scary knowing you must make a good impression to get that lead or connection.

Luckily, online networking courses teach you how to make authentic connections naturally. You can stop being anxious and nervous.

Knowing how to network well is key to landing higher paying positions in your company. Or, finding a higher paying job elsewhere. People skills will take you far in your career if you use them well.

6. Public Speaking and Speech-writing

Like networking, public speaking makes people very nervous. Unfortunately, many businesses rely on their employees to make great presentations and speeches. You must be able to explain why your ideas are the best to get them chosen.

Public speaking and speech-writing are skills that you can learn from online courses. Getting a certification in public speaking is beneficial. But, proving that you know how to do it is even better.

Plus, if you excel at speech-writing, that could be a skill you market to employers. It’s another way to stand out from other employees.

7. Learn a New Language

Did you know that most of the world’s population is bilingual? It’s common in almost every country outside of the United States to speak two or more languages.

These people have a special advantage in the workplace. They can communicate with more customers, making them very valuable to employers.

You can add this to your resume by taking an online certification course in another language. Consider learning Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic to further your career.

8. Business Writing

Without knowing it, you use business writing every day at work. Whether you’re sending an email or writing copy for a presentation, you use writing skills.

To advance your career, you need to get even better in business writing. An online business writing course can help you do that.

Improve your ability to write proposals, grants, and even correspondence. Knowing these skills will only make you more valuable to employers.

9. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to control your emotions and manage the emotions of others. It’s super beneficial for those in management positions to have emotional intelligence.

If you’re going out for a manager position at work, start working on your emotional intelligence. There are many online courses that’ll teach you the skills to practice. Before you know it, you’ll be deescalating arguments and connecting with your peers.

10. Diversity and Inclusion

America is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. At any given workplace, there’ll be people from different backgrounds and religions. Tolerance of these differences is key.

You should take a certification course on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’ll teach you how to show further respect for diversity. And, it’ll help you make your workplace more inclusive.

No matter the industry, this certification is beneficial. It’ll make employers notice you for a promotion and improve your workplace dynamics.

Interested in the Benefits of Taking Online Certification Courses?

When it comes to competing for a raise or promotion, you need to stand out. Your fellow employees may also be great at their jobs, but are they going above and beyond?

Taking online certification courses in the areas above shows your initiative. And, they prove your skills in those areas. Further education gives you an edge over your competition for a higher salary.

Do you have aspirations for higher earnings and titles in your career? By learning how to become successful in your career, you boost your overall happiness. It all starts with learning and education.


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