Consumers are Challenging Credit Card Companies to Redefine Rewards & Offerings


Understanding consumers today and the technological advances of our current generation is more important than ever before. Consumers expect ultra-convenient, mobile first and tailored experiences that match their needs at any given time. And these expectations carry into experiences with their financial institutions, but it’s proven to be a challenge for longstanding legacy systems to adapt. So, how do we meet a new generation of consumers with new demands? Brim Financial, a customer-centric, innovative fintech has tailored its credit card benefits and digital platform to compliment and reward the lives of all consumers by understanding what’s most relevant to each generation today.

Brim’s mission is to redefine the fundamentals of consumer banking by combining two separate industries, loyalty and banking, into one seamless experience dedicated to rewarding all of their users. Rather than offer a typical rewards program with reward categories, cashback or travel points, Brim is disrupting the market with its uncapped point earning potential and unrestricted point redemption, allowing members to redeem their points on any purchase made anywhere in the world, or toward their statement balance in real-time. Members who purchase with participating partners will benefit from enhanced earning potential, both online and in-store, where points can be worth double or triple their value with lifestyle partners spanning all categories.

Not only is Brim focused on its transparent, uncapped reward system, but it is also providing top of the line features, many of which are first to market. All of its members enjoy 0% foreign transaction fees, free global Wi-Fi, flexible payment options, and security features that allow members to instantly lock their card and block a foreign or online transaction, while still being able to use their card. Brim is also compatible with all major mobile wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. Because of this commitment to innovation and an exceptional experience, Brim promises to continue to deliver a product and platform that can finally keep up with the real demands of consumers today.


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