Reviews: How Do You Book a Hotel?


What have you heard about reviews? The following article discusses how you can easily (and cheaply) book the best possible hotel rooms for your vacation using this intuitive and comprehensive resource.

When you travel as much as I do, you want to keep things as simple as possible. I’m not averse to roughing it when necessary – I can backpack with the best of them – but I’m a big fan of comfort, ease, and convenience. This is exactly why I’m all about hotel rooms; I’m not interested in fussing around someone else’s home or rental property, where I alone am responsible for finding parking, changing my sheets, laundering my towels, and stocking my own bar. For me, hotels will always be my vacation go-to.

So, finding a site that helps me get the best rate for hotels with my specifications is essential if my trip is going to be even remotely enjoyable. may not be one of the most widely known booking resources, but it’s been by far the easiest to use. It’s one of my favorites because:

  • The rates are markedly cheaper than what you can find on other sites
  • There are literally hundreds of thousands of hotel options – from charming boutiques to international hotel chains
  • You get 24-hour customer care by phone, so you’re talking to an actual helpful person

Can you book hotels through

Of course you can book hotels through! (The name of the site kind of gives it away.) The booking functionality works in an entirely intuitive way; you just choose the hotel type you prefer (budget, luxury, popular), enter the relevant information, including destination city, and duration of your stay, and choose the results you prefer. The site also connects you to car rental services, and provides booking options for when you’re scheduling a trip for large groups.

The group booking option might my favorite feature. Let’s say you’re planning a family reunion, and you want to make sure all of your relatives stay in proximity to the event venue. allows you to specify that you’re planning for a reunion, so that you’ll get the most appropriate and affordable family-friendly accommodations in your destination city. Once you submit your information, you’ll be given bids from different hotels based on your criteria – won’t have to contact individual hotels yourself. I can’t tell you how much time and frustration that saves!

Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, sales convention, school trip, or nearly any kind of group event, will connect you with a hotel that meets your specific needs.

The next time you plan a trip, whether it’s for business or a much-needed vacation, check out– it’s an easy and secure all-in-one service that connects you to the best and most affordable accommodations, all over the world.

I’m a travel blogger, travel enthusiast, and inveterate traveler. My goal is to visit every country in the world at least once before I die – if I live to approximately 150, I may reach that goal! My other passions include my dog, my husband, and trying to make the perfect brisket.

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