Ways to Avoid Feeling Isolated in the Age of Social Media

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It’s easy for people to feel isolated these days. Given how popular social media is and how it has transformed lives, many people feel left out. Even those who are constantly active online still feel lost. Virtual reality is still different from reality. If you also face this challenge, these are some tips to help you avoid feeling isolated.

three women taking groupie

Regularly meet with your friends

You might feel that you’re close with your friends because you constantly communicate online. It’s still different when you decide to talk to each other in person. You need to set time to have a brunch or a night out whenever you are free.

Talk to your family 

Even if you have thousands of Instagram followers, you might still feel alone. These people can’t provide you with the same level of love that you can get from your family. Therefore, even if you’re too busy, you have to spend time with your family. If eating dinner together is a family tradition, you need to continue doing it.

Don’t spend too much time online

You can’t stay online all the time. Yes, there’s endless content available online and it’s tempting to keep browsing your social media accounts. The problem is that with each passing moment you have on your phone, you miss the chance to connect with real people. You feel isolated not because you have no friends, but you choose not to be with them.

Take a phone detox 

Phone detox is becoming popular lately. It’s a time when everyone switches off their phones at home, so they won’t spend too much time on social media. They bring a basic phone with them that can call and send messages. The other features that might cause addiction aren’t available. You can have a detox day at least once a month so you can do other things. You will realize that there are so many fun things to do even if you don’t have a phone.

Just head out

When you already feel lonely, it doesn’t help to lock yourself up in your bedroom. Spend more time outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to meet other people. The goal is for you to be out there and trying to mingle with real people. Who knows? You might find someone who wouldn’t mind chatting with you for a while.

Join local clubs and organizations

It also helps to be a part of local clubs and organizations. You will have a chance to meet like-minded people. Since you share the same interests or skill sets, you can keep doing the things that you love. Even if you’re too busy with work, you still have to find time to meet them. It’s your chance to connect with people on a personal level. At work, you might talk to your colleagues, but only for work-related tasks.

If you try these techniques and you still feel alone, you need to seek help from a counselor. You might already be starting to suffer from a mental health problem. You can count on them to extend their expertise to help you. Check out https://www.lodestonecenter.com if you need help now.



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