3 Natural Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your House

When you’re in the comfort of your own home, the last thing you want to have to deal with is worrying about pests that might be lurking in the shadows or hiding in the cramped, dark places of your house. But for many people in many areas of the world, it’s a constant battle to keep bugs and other pests away from their homes.

While you can use professional pest control services to get this job done quickly and effectively, many people don’t feel that that’s the right option for them. So to help those who feel that they’re in that camp, here are three natural ways you can keep pests out of your house.

Keep Ants Out With Cinnamon

The natural remedies that you’ll want to use to keep pests away from your home will depend on which type of pests you’re having issues with.

According to Brandi Neal, a contributor to Bustle.com, if you’ve been seeing a lot of ants in or around your home, one option you can try is to bust out the cinnamon. By sprinkling cinnamon in a line in front of doors, windows, or any other entry points into your home, you’ll essentially be creating a barrier that the ants won’t want to cross. In many situations, just a sprinkle of ground cinnamon can help you keep any additional ants from coming into your home.

Use Citrus To Scare Off Spiders

Spiders can be a scary pest to have to deal with in your home. While many spiders aren’t harmful to humans, some can be very harmful. So to play it safe, you may want to do your best to keep any and all spiders out of your home and away from your family.

To help you with this, Jennifer Noonan, a contributor to BobVila.com, recommends using citrus to keep spiders at bay. By mixing water and some unsweetened lemon or lime juice in a spray bottle, you can then apply this to your countertops, door frames, and windowsills to help keep out spiders.

Essential Oils To Repel Dust Mites

Some of the most bothersome household pests that people commonly have to deal with are dust mites. Luckily, there are some pretty easy and natural ways that you can combat these pesky pests, too.

Hometalk and the Huffington Post share that if you’re wanting to repel dust mites from your home, simply mix either clove, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil with a spray bottle full of water and then spray that mixture on your bed. Mites don’t like these scents and will, therefore, be encouraged to stay away.

If you have household bugs and pests that you want to get rid of in a natural way, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.


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