Great Apps to Plan a Perfect Baby Shower

If you have an expectant mom who’s quite close to you, it might mean a lot should you decide to organize a baby shower for her. However, it can be quite a challenge and maybe costly too to plan one. I’ve found this super helpful list that can help you plan a perfect baby shower without having to spend too much in organizing it.

Top Apps to Plan a Baby Shower Without Breaking the Bank

Pre-planning the baby shower

It’s always easy to get carried away when planning a baby shower. From selecting a date & time, a venue and preparing the guest list can be quite overwhelming if not planned correctly. You might also consider having a particular theme depending on the interests of the expectant mother and the gender of the baby. Accordingly, the baby shower decorations can vary and therefore, the items required to get the venue set up may vary too. Certain apps can help with creating a baby shower checklist just to ensure you have everything that you need. In most instances, it is likely the invitees would bring along baby shower gifts which would be kept tab of too.

Additionally, you could take advantage of the app such as Invitd, to make invites and send them over to your guestlist. This would help you determine the headcount for the event to a larger extent.

Planning a baby shower on a budget

Sometimes, you may decide to plan a baby shower on a low budget. Fortunately, they do not have to always look like top celebrity events to capture the local news headlines. As long as you get the essential items on the list sorted, it should be good enough. This may include choosing a venue that’s not too expensive but also decent enough to have a great time. It may also be important to plan a few things in advance to ensure you do not go overboard with certain items such as decorations, food and beverages etc. You could consider cutting down on a few items on the menu to ensure they are within a specific budget. Alternatively, you could visit the dollar store to get some ideas on how you could make the best use of the baby shower items they have got on store.

You could also use some help from friends and family with the decoration and get them to make stuff up on their own. By adding a touch of creativity, you are likely to find stuff lying around the house that can be made use of to create a space that looks well-decorated.

Hosting a baby shower

Additionally, some of the things needed for a baby shower could include extra chair for guests, a well-decorated cake that matches the theme, a bouquet of flowers and some help with sourcing the right items in the menu. As much as it can be planned ahead, it is important to get all the help you could on the day of the event. Depending on the budget or the size of the guest list, you could consider hiring a baby shower event planner who could help you with organizing everything from beginning to end.

You may also want to research on the things you as a hostess would need to take care of on the day of the event. Typically, baby showers events are more relaxed and joyous at the same time which includes entertaining the guests with some great food, music and some baby shower themed games too.


On the outset, you might find that organizing a baby shower is overwhelming and that it could involve so many things to be looked at. However, if you have the right tools and people to help you navigate through each task, it should essentially be not too difficult.


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