How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences for every parent, especially if the baby is the first one. Whether the birth takes place at the hospital or at home, there are people available to help with feeding techniques, sleeping advice and other, more generalized information. However, these helps are temporary, and soon you will be left alone with your new bundle of joy. How do you take care of a newborn?

Baby Gear

Every parent should be prepared in advance with all the baby gear he and the baby will need. These include a stroller, mattresses, a nursery glider and the list can go on. This website provides parents with the best product and advice in this regards to baby care. Make sure you have everything you need to provide comfort and stability to the newborn.

Diaper Choices and Care 

Whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, most babies will dirty their diapers an average of 10 times a day. When changing a diaper, have all the supplies close to hand so you will not leave the baby unattended. Wipe the baby’s bottom gently and thoroughly, using a front to back motion to avoid urinary infections. Change the baby often after each bowel movement and apply ointment to help prevent rashes. If a rash happens, clean the area often and apply a thick coating of diaper cream. If possible, let the baby go diaper-free for part of the day to help dry the area.

Recruit Help 

If possible, utilize help for the first few days after you return to your home. You and your partner will be very tired and can use even small periods of help with taking care of the baby or with tasks around the house to allow you to concentrate on the baby. This help can come from relatives, friends and neighbors, and you can hire help if needed.

Feeding Choices 

It is important for parents to know that their baby will receive all the nutrition and physical bonding they require whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed. Either method chosen is determined by the parents’ comfort level with breastfeeding and lifestyle circumstances.

Breastfeeding has many advantages. Human milk has antibodies that help protect babies from various illnesses, such as respiratory ailments and diarrhea. Breast milk is always available and costs nothing. It also helps the mother burn calories, which helps mom get back in shape faster. The downsides of breastfeeding are that the mother is more tied when not using pumped breast milk and that breast milk is more easily digested, meaning babies will need to eat more often.

Formula also has many advantages, namely the convenience and the fact that parents can measure how much the baby is eating. It also allows much more flexibility in feeding. The baby will require fewer feedings because the formula takes longer to digest. Some disadvantages are the cost of the formula and the lack of antibodies.

Bonding with Your Baby 

Bonding with the new baby is easy and fun. It is as simple as just holding the baby close to your body to provide optimal physical contact. This contact allows you and the baby to make emotional connections that will help cement your relationship and promote emotional and physical growth of the baby. Take as many opportunities as you and your partner can to hold the baby “skin-to-skin” during feedings and other times. Stroking the baby is also good, and there are many books on how to massage the baby gently. As you take care of a newborn, talking is very important.


There are many things you can do to calm and sooth the new baby. Talking to the baby is good, and babies love musical sounds. You can sing to the baby and also use rattles and musical mobiles. Walking the baby around is often helpful and soothing. These methods are similar to the environment the baby experienced while unborn. Swaddling is comforting to the baby and involves wrapping him in a blanket in a manner that holds the arms to the body but allows for movement of the legs. This gives the baby a sense of security and keeps them from startling. The method can be found in books, videos and online.

Remember that you are the perfect parent for your baby and that everyone will have slightly different methods of taking care of their newborns. As long as the baby is fed, cleaned and physically held and comforted when needed, you can relax and enjoy the time next to him without worry.

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