Exploring Brand New Japanese Cuisines

Japanese Cuisine is known for its uniqueness and mind-blogging ingredients. It is one of the three national food traditions recognized by the UN, it also has some of the best mouth-watering dishes. Exploring the wide range of Japanese recipes and listing the popular and the best of them is nothing short of a daunting task.


Sushi is the most popular of all the Japanese dishes not only in Japan but also in various other places where Japanese food is served. It comes in several names base on the ingredients used. In general, sushi is anything which comprises different shapes of seasoned vinegar rice. The most common type of sushi in Japan is composed of cooked meat, a combination of salmon, tuna along with some seafood. Veg sushi is popular among vegetarians and there exists a lot of variations of veg sushi which are made using mushroom, cucumber, avocados and so on.

Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup

Ramen comprises soaked noodles, veg or non-veg primary ingredient and miscellaneous items. The most consumed variant has chicken, noodles, sweetcorn and spinach. Since ingredients of different kinds are involved, a bit careful cooking process should be involved. The process can be a bit easier if one includes instant noodles and microwave cups.


Tempura is a method of deep frying of vegetables or shrimp. The dish has a special batter which enhances the taste of the main food item. It does not consume a lot of time to cook and many kinds of seafood taste better if cooked in tempura method. It is crispy and tasty and comes in pieces. It can be also used as a healthy snack. If prawn is used, the cooking process can be made easier by cutting the head and shell and keeping the tail. However, the tail can be scraped to prevent oil spitting.


Yakitori is one of the favourite dishes of non-vegetarians as it has grilled chicken or some skewered item as its main element. The main item along with secondary ingredients are skewered on a bamboo or a steel stick and heated. While heating salt or some sauce is added for an extra favour. The traditional method of preparing this food incorporates charcoal as it produces more heat and less vapour. It is also said that other sources of heating do not produce the same texture.


Onigiri is often mistaken as sushi because of rice being the main part of the dish. It customarily has a cylindrical or triangular shape and is wrapped in a type of edible seaweed. It is compact and can be easily preserved. Apart from rice, it has Japanese salt plums, salmon, tarako, kombu etc.

Japanese recipes are deeply tied to its culture and practices – insists Monster Casino which is one of the most preferred casinos for playing online scratch cards as well as online casino games. Most of the Japanese food items come with a plenty of variations and favours. There are a lot of delicious items that can be cooked in a less time with minimal work. Japanese cuisine surely has a peculiar style and taste.

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