7 Wedding Gown Styles to Make Your Big Day a Memory to Treasure Until the End of Time

Nearly every young girl dreams of her wedding day. From the dress to the flowers and the food, she plans every detail in her mind. Some young ladies go as far as making a wedding book of ideas for when they meet “Mr Right.”

One of the items on the list of many things to purchase for a wedding is the Filly Flair Bridesmaid Dresses for your ladies standing up for you at your wedding. You’ll want to choose dresses for the bridesmaids that complement each of them, yet do not distract from the main event, you and your groom.

Below are 7 wedding gown styles to help make your big day a memory to treasure from now until the end of time.

  1. The Mermaid Style

This is best for a curvy woman as it accents the silhouette with fit and flare. It begins with an elongated bodice that hugs your torso. Then it flows into a flared wide bottom, like a mermaid tail.

Some of the skirts flare at the knee or lower, which is what makes this dress a mermaid style.

  1. The Ball Gown

This is a fairytale princess style, a regal dress that is timeless and beautiful on any shape. The skirt always goes to the floor and a train is easier to wear with this gown.

It is constructed with many layers of fabric, which is gathered from the waist and flows effortlessly down the aisle.

  1. A-Line

The A-line skirt is available for nearly all body shapes. The top accentuates the figure and the gathering at the waist hides larger hips. The skirt can flow down to the ground or end at mid-shin.

No matter where the skirt ends, it flares out and forms an “A”. The skirt can be flowing or straight, depending on the fabric and style chosen. 

  1. The Stealth Style

This is a form-fitting dress and is best worn by a thinner woman. It is not as forgiving as some of the other dresses as it shows off all your curves, including your belly.

The long, straight lines work well for shorter women like this style as a lengthening effect on a body.

  1. Short Style

The short dress’ skirt ends at or below the knee. A tea-length is somewhere between the middle of the shin and above the ankle.

This style of dress is best for a taller woman and those who love to show off their shoes.

  1. The Trumpet Style

The skirt on this wedding dress flares out from just below the hips. The skirt is typically several layers of fabric and tulle. The perfect body for this type of dress is a woman who does not have any hips.

This dress is similar to the mermaid dress, although it is less form-fitting and the skirt is much larger.

  1. The Empire Style

This style dress has the skirt starting under the breasts. The waist is extremely high and the skirt flares out only a slight amount.

This dress is perfect for a pear-shaped woman who has a larger lower body.

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