The Top Reasons Why Mala Beads are More Popular Today – and Why You Should Get Your Own

Everyone seems to be wearing Mala beads today, and there are plenty of great reasons for this. Of course, their main use is for a better meditation and prayer life. This was their original purpose in various spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism, after all. But Mala beads are also gaining ground when it comes to their beauty and decorative purpose, and since Mala bracelets or necklaces are often handmade and individually produced, this adds to their beauty and attractiveness as well. You can definitely make use of Mala beads as a tool for meditation – but you can also use them for other purposes related to meditation and well-being. Here are the top reasons why Mala beads are more popular today – and why you should get your own.

You can use them to enhance your focus

Even if you are not practicing meditation on a regular basis, you can still use Mala beads to enhance your focus and concentration. The first Mala beads were produced more than a thousand years ago, and they were used to assist in prayer, as already mentioned, as the bearer could use them to count their mantras. You can use your Mala beads and wear them every day, even if you are not meditating. For instance, you can use them to enhance your focus during a meeting or when you are stuck in terrible traffic simply by touching each bead. You can also use them to pray for something or use them while you’re in class or when you are having an important conversation – the uses for Mala beads are seemingly endless, allowing you to concentrate on a particular task or while in a certain situation more easily.

You can use them to benefit from the effects of the gemstone

Mala beads are made with gemstones, which serve as the guru bead – the central bead. But gemstones have their significance and meaning, too. In fact, gemstones have their own energy and can repel or attract other energies depending on the gemstone. You can choose from an array of gemstones for your Mala, each with its own meaning and significance. There are, for example, gemstones which can attract love and healing, peace, abundance, and more. But keep in mind that when choosing a Mala based on the gemstone, you should first know and be aware of your intention. This way, you can choose the best Mala depending on what you want and need. You can set your intention – your goal or aim – and choose how you want it to manifest in your own life depending on the gemstone you select.

You can use them to showcase your individuality and personality

As a fashion statement, Mala beads are definitely ‘in’. More individuals are becoming conscious of what they do and what habits they create in their lives, and Mala beads can show people that you are fully self-aware and know what you want. The best Mala beads are made from natural materials and are completely handmade, and you can also opt for different colors ranging from black to brown to clear, cream, green, pink, peach, white, yellow, fuchsia, gold, and more. This way, you can showcase your unique individuality and personality with your Mala beads as well.

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