5 Great Breweries a Short Drive From Toronto

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Toronto offers no shortage of places to kick back and grab a cold one. However, Toronto’s flourishing craft beer scene extends well beyond its city limits. In fact, a wide variety of world-class breweries are located just outside Toronto’s city limits.

If you’re thinking of making your brewery tour a group trip, you might want to rent a school bus from Toronto so that everyone can enjoy the sites along the way, and not worry about struggling with directions or having to be designated driver and missing out on some of the fun. simply continue reading to discover 5 craft breweries which are well worth the day trip from Toronto. To discover 5 breweries which we recommend checking out

5 Great breweries a short drive from Toronto:

  1. Toboggan Brewing Co, London

Toboggan Brewing Co, is located in London which is approximately 2.5 hours drive from Toronto’s city center. Toboggan Brewing Co attracts a constant stream of visitors as it offers small-batch brews. On your first visit, it’s well worth trying a flagship brew, which is available all year round as well as a special seasonal brew. Also make sure to keep an eye peeled for one-off brews, that you won’t be able to sample in the future.

If you’re a sports fan you’ll also love Toboggan Brewing Company Co as it features a variety of large flat screen TVs. Better yet Toboggan Brewing Company also boasts an extensive menu which features locally grown ingredients.

  1. Walkerville Brewery, Windsor

If you enjoy road trips, you may prefer driving 3 hours from Toronto to Windsor, where you’ll find Walkerville Brewery. What makes Walkerville Brewery special? The original Walkerville Brewery was established by its founder Hiram Walker back in 1890. Walker founded Walkerville Brewery with the intention of crafting high-quality beer, which was free of preservatives and unnatural flavors.

Today Walkerville Brewery still produces small-batch brews which feature high quality, locally sourced ingredients. So if you’d love to spend a day sampling high-quality craft beers it’s well worth making a trip to Walkerville.

  1. Northumberland Hills Brewery, Cobourg

It takes just 2 hours to drive from downtown Toronto to Cobourg, which is home to Northumberland Hills Brewery. Northumberland Hills Brewery specializes in creating high quality, small batch lagers. So if you’re a lager drinker, it’s well worth sampling a few of the premium lagers which Northumberland Hills produces on-site.

If you plan on purchasing a few cans or bottles of lager to take home, you’ll love the fact that Northumberland Hills Brewery places all of the ingredients of each larger in large print on the front of their cans. So you won’t have any trouble choosing a lager which suits your palate.

  1. 3 Brewers Oakville, Oakville

If you’re looking to visit a brewery which is located within a short, 45-minute drive of Toronto, it’s well worth visiting 3 Brewers Oakville. Where you’ll have the unique opportunity to create your very own cask. Should you visit, you’ll be able to taste a beer which has been brewed by one of 3 Brewers Oakville’s on-site brewers. So if you’d love to meet a passionate brewer, you can’t go wrong driving to 3 Brewers Oakville!

If you’re interested in enjoying a mouthwatering meal with your beer, you’re in luck as 3 Brewers Oakville also offers a menu full of hearty dishes which are sure to exceed your wildest expectations. Furthermore, if you’re unsure of which meal to pair with your chosen beer, 3 Brewers Oakville’s menu will be able to give you a few suggestions.

  1. All Or Nothing Brewhouse, Oakville

If you’re tempted to tick two breweries off your list in a single day, you may be interested in stopping by All Or Nothing Brewhouse, which also happens to be located in Oakville. All Or Nothing Brewery is an independently owned brewery, which utilizes hand-picked, fresh ingredients to create top rated beers.

If you travel to All or Nothing Brewhouse you can be sure that none of the beers which you sample, will contain cheap adjuncts such as rice or con. Instead, expect to taste 2-row barley and hand-picked hops.

So if you’re a huge fan of cold premium beers, which are packed full of bold, vibrant flavors, you’ll be sure to fall in love with All or Nothing Brewhouse’s strong craft beers.

So whether you’re a Toronto native or you’re a tourist who plans to explore Toronto is the near future, it’s definitely well worth planning a trip to some of the excellent breweries listed above. As who knows, you may even taste your favorite beer on your fun-filled road trip.

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