15 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas For 2018

Bullet journaling is great and helpful activity. It can keep you organized and productive reminding you of important things and tasks. Moreover, it gives your creativity a practical expression. With a fascinating variety of stationery, you may realize every idea and create best bullet journal notebook.

  1. Make a hygge list

Hygge lifestyle has become very popular recently. “The little book of Hygge: the Danish way to live well” by Meik Wiking is a bestseller that has transformed a way of living of people all over the world. However, some people still do not know what this phenomenon actually is. Hygge is a Danish word that does not have an equivalent in English. As you know, the Danish are considered to be the happiest people on the planet according to many researches. This concept describes everything that can make environment cozier and happier. Meik Wiking says that it is connected with warm atmosphere and experience, rather than things.  It is a philosophy of how to leave a happy life and do not worry much. Bad days happen to everyone. But there are littlest things that can make you feel more grateful and relieve your stress, which has been accumulating for months! Make a list of hygge activities that will make you feel cozy and relaxed (you can include “read a book” or “watch a romantic movie and take a hot bath”).

  1. Get your morning productive!

Writing down tasks are great for your productivity. Doing this you ensure you won’t forget a single thing to do. But if you try to break up your day into time periods it will be easier to cope with everything timely. Divide sheet into a section like “morning,” “afternoon,” “evening” and add tasks that are necessary to do in a certain time of the day.

  1. Arrange the bookcase

Most of us set reading goals in the bullet journals. Turn reading goals page into creative one! To do that draw bookcase and write down the author’s name and title on the back of every book. And if you finished the book, color it – this will motivate you to read more to color every book on the bookcase.

  1. End weekly log with gratitude list

Once the long week is over, and all the tasks are done it’s time to practice some gratitude. It is important to look back and express gratitude for the beautiful things and people in your life. Don’t forget to thank yourself for being organized and productive all the week. This will encourage you to do more and struggle for better.

  1. Arrange an index

Bullet journal planner is your space for thoughts and intentions. But to keep the journaling process even more fun and effective, you should create an index page. The index is the guide through your ideas. While creating new chapters or lists, add them to your index – this will help you find necessary information easily.

  1. “Waiting for” list

Have you ever forgotten to check your e-mail for an important letter? This frequently happens to everyone. To prevent missing important letters or events, make a “waiting on” list. Arrange the list of things you are waiting for and date you are expecting it to come.

  1. Try different calligraphy handwriting

Sometimes plain and simple handwriting can make your journaling excitement disappear. Trying various calligraphy handwriting, you will add some artsy touch to your notes. For example, you can write a list of essay writing companies using their beautiful handwriting style you can turn on your imagination and make your headers look engaging.

  1. Make a monthly review

If you are determined to follow your plan, it’s effective to do a monthly review. This should be a page with your ideas and plans both realized in life and not. Reviewing your month will help you understand what tasks you delay and what things you succeed in doing.

  1. Keep the memories alive with drawings

We tend to forget magnificent moments of our lives. You can try to make little drawings for every day. Choose the thing, event or person that made your day and draw these to remember happy moments of your life.

  1. Prepare color boxes

Choosing outfit of the day we often have troubles deciding on colors. To ease this process, prepare color boxes with shadows that go with each other perfectly.

  1. Add a water balance tracker

Keeping your body hydrated is essential in everyday hasty routine. Draw an empty bottle and color it everytime you drink some water. This will help you track your water drinking habit and make your journal more colorful.

  1. Use symbols to track habits

Dealing with habits, it’s helpful to see instant progress on a particular habit. Stars, ticks, hearts and exclamation points motivate you more than words. Use symbols to track everyday habits and tasks.

  1. Prepare symbol table

The best idea to turn your cheap bullet journal into organized space is to arrange symbol table. Describe for which action or result stands each symbol to make the meaning of a symbol clear. This table will save your space and make it easy to remind the meaning of each symbol used.

  1. Get inspired by your favorite quotes

Quotes are great to motivate you and lift up your spirits. Choose some powerful quotes from famous people or personalities that inspire you and write them down in your journal.

  1. Choose your perfect layout

Some people prefer simplicity, while others love creativity. When starting a new bullet journal choose the layout that is simple and perfect just for you.

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