7 Interview Tips That Will Help You Bring Your A-Game

There is nothing worse than the anxiety leading up to an interview. Not knowing what to wear, how to act or what to say. Worrying about your first impression, if you’ll make it to your interview on time and whether or not you’ll even get the job. It’s a lot of pressure built into just one conversation. To help you score your dream job, here are a few ways you can be sure to bring your ‘A’ game to your next interview.

1.    Know The Company

Do proper research on the company you are interviewing for. Always come prepared with a few questions in mind to show the hiring manager you are truly interested in the position. The hiring manager may also throw out some questions about the company so be ready to answer anything. Everything from who the CEO is, to the biggest competitor, to the future of the company. Do your homework and know your stuff  and you will have no problem getting through the interview. If you show up unprepared, you will pay the price.

2.   Bring Positive Energy Into The Room

When companies are looking for prospective employees, they are looking for people with positive attitudes and personalities. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning, have a good breakfast and get plenty of sleep the night before. Not only should you start on a positive note, but you should also end on a positive note.

At the end of the interview, it doesn’t hurt to tell the hiring manager how excited you are for this potential opportunity and that you would really, really love the job. Tell them thank you for their time and for considering you for the position. Truthfully, when it comes down to two candidates, the hiring manager will most likely go for the candidate with more enthusiasm, passion and positive attitude about the job. So, at your next interview – let them know how you are honestly feeling, especially if it’s excitement.

3.   Be Confident In Your Responses

Have a friend or roommate do a practice interview with you. Make sure they ask questions that could come up in the interview, especially ones that are specific to the position and the company you are interviewing for. It is also important to be able to answer the general questions thoroughly. For example, make sure you really take full use of your time when given the opportunity to tell the hiring manager about yourself. If you have been to other countries, know multiple languages, have an interesting passion or talent – or have any grand ideas for your future. People love to hear about what makes you unique, so don’t be shy when talking about yourself.

You should also keep in mind that you are not legally requires to answer questions regarding race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or marital status. These topics of discussion are most likely not related to the application, so be aware and let your hiring manager know that you are not legally required to answer  inappropriate personal questions if they are asked.

4.   Know Proper Interview Etiquette

You know the drill. Make eye contact, have a firm handshake, sit up straight and talk clearly. Be polite, and go easy on the perfume or cologne for the day. Get your nails done or trim up your facial hair. Present yourself how you want to be perceived, dress the part. If you want to be taken seriously, dress seriously. If you want to stand out, then visually stand out. But most importantly, dress comfortably and be yourself. You don’t want to be sitting in the interview room more uncomfortable than you have to be. Plus, the people who are interviewing you will appreciate your individuality.

5.   Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Have a healthy breakfast. Try to meditate in the morning before your interview to clear your head. If you smoke cigarettes, maybe avoid smoking them before your interview. If you are going to be working a full time office job, consider getting a vape for work hours to avoid smelling like cigarettes throughout the day. You can do research to find the best box mod for you to bring to work.

In addition, take a shower, wash your clothes, clean your house, check off your to-do list and have time for yourself to ensure you walk out of your door and into their office as the best version of yourself to make for a good interview. After the interview, you should plan on treating yourself. Buy yourself a yummy cup of coffee or a bagel from your favorite shop. Have something positive to look forward to afterwards to keep yourself in a positive mood, especially if the interview doesn’t go as planned.

6.   Send A Follow-Up Email

Last but not least, even if you think you may have not gotten the job – send a follow up email. Say you felt great about the interview and just wanted to thank them again for considering you for the position and that you look forward to hopefully working with them in the future.

In your email, bring up a topic that you and the hiring manager discussed in the interview that was interesting or memorable. In some cases, a handwritten letter may be more appropriate. For example, if it is a company in another country or a if a company made special arrangements with you for the interview. Either way, be sure to follow up with the company at least 48 hours after your interview to show them you are truly interested.

Final Thoughts

With these insightful tips, you are bound to get your dream job. Hiring managers are always looking for people positive attitudes, confident personalities and a drive to succeed. Telling your hiring manager about yourself is the best way to sell yourself, so share what’s unique about you. Last but not least, stay calm. If the job doesn’t work out, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, and there is a new door waiting to be opened just around the corner.

What are your best interview tips for snagging that awesome position? Leave a comment with your interview strategy in the section below.


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