Making Remote Work: 5 Tips on How to Manage Remote Employees


More and more companies are starting to understand the value of having remote teams. There is no end to the benefits, for both the company and individuals. 

In fact, American Express report annual savings of up to $15 million just on allowing remote working. 

But one important thing to understand is that just because an employee or group of employees are remote, they still need to be managed in a constructive way. 

Keep reading to learn five great tips to manage remote employees.

1. Set Clear Expectations for Remote Teams

When managing remote employees, it is important to have clear goals and expectations set for them. When you are not in the office together every day, you need to make extra sure that everybody in the team knows and understands what is expected of them. 

2. Communicate Regularly for Better Results

While studies show that working from home increases employee productivity and decrease staff attrition numbers, it can at times, be a lonely road. One great way to effectively manage remote employees is to communicate.

Schedule regular calls and meetings. Check in to see how people are doing and ask if they need anything. Make sure that they feel part of the team, and show that just because they are not in the office, their contribution to the team is important and valued. 

3. Video Conferencing Technology Helps Teams Stay Focused

One great tip for managing remote employees is to make it mandatory that all meetings are video conferences. Not just dialing in. This will ensure people stay focused on the meeting. It also means your meetings will be more engaging, productive and less likely to run over time.  

Video conferences can also be a great way to get rid of the endless back and forth email exchanges that can pop up and destroy all your productivity. 

4. Ensure your Remote Employees Have the Tools they Need

If you are going to allow people to work remote, then you need to make sure your team has the right tools to do the job. This can be everything from the right data repository applications for developers, or a good paystub generator for finance. 

The right tools are essential for getting the job done on time and getting it done well. 

5. Focus on What is Getting Done

 When managing remote teams, it is important to shift your focus a little. Don’t zone in on what times people are working or what hours they are logging. It is important they work a full day, yes, but working from home allows a certain fluidity to the day. Working at times of people productivity, and having spaces for taking the kids to school, or going to swimming lessons. 

Instead, you should focus on what is getting done, what the team is achieving every day. Those results are what matter and drive company success. 

Your Business Will Thrive if You Can Manage Remote Employees

Remote work is the future. It is already here for many and will be a trend that is set to grow. It increases productivity while cutting cost. It’s the ultimate business win-win. 

However, knowing how to manage remote employees is vital for true business success. The above steps will help you get off the ground, but at the end of the day, remember that remote or office based, employees are employees. Good managers know how to get the best from their people. 

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