5 Way to Personalize Gifts

We all have that friend or family member that’s impossible to buy for. You’ll scour countless shopping malls for the perfect gift but can’t seem to find anything that’s just right. For a totally one-of-a-kind gift give them something personalized. A unique gift that’s personalized shows others that you spent time and thought into what you’re giving, and assures that it’s something the receiver doesn’t already have!



Personalized stickers make for a fun personalized gift because they’re completely customizable. Not only can you decide what image you want your sticker of, you can decide on the shape and size as well. Custom stickers are wonderful personal gifts because you can make them of favourite characters, mottos, and hilarious inside jokes.


Coasters make for a clever personalized gift because they’re easy to DIY, are a great decor piece, and are functionable. Find cork coasters at your local craft store and easily paint on patterns or monograms with acrylic paint. Another easy DIY coaster idea is to find plain tiles at crafts or hardware stores and decoupage your favourite photos onto them. This is a great gift that not only looks marvelous when personalized, but is one your loved ones can actually use!


Custom badges are becoming a huge accessories trend because their magnetic baking means they won’t ruin any articles of clothing and can be easily removed and repositioned at any time. Custom badges are completely personalizable because not only can you decide the design of the badge, but the receiver of the badge can also adorn any article of clothing or accessory with them and you can find it in Stickeryou.com.

Jar Kits

If you’ve ever visited a craft blog during the holiday season, you’ve no doubt seen tons of ideas for things like “hot chocolate kits” presented in mason jars. Jar kits can be gifted all year round by filling the jar with things specific to your friend’s interests. Know a traveler? Fill a jar with travel accessories and travel-sized toiletries. Want to pamper your mom? Fill a jar with face masks and body scrubs from an affordable drug or beauty store. A personalized jar kit is a great way to show your loved ones you know them inside and out.


A fashion accessory that’s always in trend is the embroidered patch. Embroidered patches have withstood the test of time because they add a great personal flair to clothes and accessories. Custom printed patches can be made with your loved one’s favourite photo or design, and the thread merrowed around the patch can also be personalized with favourite or complimentary colours. Printed patches of destination hot spots make for great personal additions for travel bags. A customized patch shows your loved ones know that you not only admire their personality, but that you understand and appreciate their personal style as well.

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