Do Your Business Need a 3D Design Company?

If you have a company or run a business, it is worth knowing its needs. These are things that make your business run smoothly and bring more profit. One thing most people are now aware of is that they need 3D design company services. So, does your business need 3D design services?

Remember that most businesses will need 3D design services. Here is all you must know about hiring a reliable 3D designer company for your specific needs.

Let’s get started:

Hiring a 3D Design Company

You have rummaged via a long list of collections of the 3D files only to realize nothing meets your standards. Perhaps, you deal with the furniture business and want to print 3D furniture?

Maybe your business needs a life-size prototype that you can discuss with your team? In such cases, your business will need to hire the best 3D designer to turn your idea into something great, but not only a 3D printable file.

We shall guide you on the significant steps of getting the right 3D designer company.

Let’s dive in on how to choose a 3D designer for your business:

  • Understand Your Project Needs

The first thing before hiring a professional 3D designer company is to have a clear idea. You must also have expectations of your project. It may sound easy, but that will considerably impact the designer to hire depending on their skills.

Once you know the designer’s qualifications, it will be easier to get a 3D designer company. There is a vast pool of these companies advertising for their services, but all worth your time.

The designer you choose should communicate your expectations effectively.

  • Cost

The other thing is the price of the 3D designer company. Different companies or professionals will charge different, depending on their skills and experience.

It is therefore essential to know a designer company worth your business. For example, for a 3D design to use for private amusement or proof of concept will cost you more.

Sometimes, it is a hassle to know a reasonable budget for a complex project unless you have received the same services before.

The best thing for you is to ask the 3D designer their hourly rate and the period it takes to complete a project. It will be worth comparing different companies to see one giving you a reasonable price. The quotes you get from different 3D designer companies will help you choose a budget-friendly company.

  • Terms and Conditions

Commissioning a 3D designer company will have countless benefits. However, it may require a lot of paperwork for you. Suppose the company you find is outside the freelance marketplace. In that case, you have to negotiate on contractual details for both parties – and do it directly.

Most companies will suggest template contracts where you can download from the web. Other template contract services available are like Shake, and they are popular.

If you want your business to stay safe while hiring a 3D designer company, keep an eye on these essential issues.

  • Intellectual Property – This is a crucial thing in monetarizing the brand’s designs and trademarked items. If you commission a design, that will not provide you with an automatic grant to your intellectual property rights. So, if you are to draw a contract, ensure you secure the intellectual property of that design.
  • Non-disclosure Agreements – Before a 3D designer company begins hiring, you may have to share your trade secrets. Focus on the layout of the workshop or other sensitive information in your business. You don’t want such information about your business to fall into the wrong hands of your competitor. That’s because such information shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands; the contact must have a provision against it.
  • Sources Files – You have found a 3D designer company that turned out to be the right one for your business. Remember that sometimes, it is a hassle to follow up the work, forcing you to commission another 3D designer company. It is therefore essential to check on the files the company produced before working on your project. Remember that the 3D files may not be enough to determine the skills and quality work of the company. The files to ask for are the company’s source files in its 3D modeling software, such as dae, 3Ds, and more.

Where Should You Hire 3D Experts?

There are known places where you can get a 3D expert for a simple project. Often, there are graduates from design school working as freelancers. However, this attracts amateurs looking for ways to make an extra buck – and that’s not their work or line of profession.

Ensure your main focus is on the 3D designer portfolio for completed projects.

Here is where you can hire a 3D designer profession.

  • Online 3D Printing Service

Online 3D printing services are now available in the 3D design market. The company you approach has to showcase its work and provide other services it does.

Most companies are advertising their 3D design services in major forums – particularly the 3D Hubs forum. You can link to their portfolios on these sites.

A good company has to review your specifications on your target projects to find a reliable 3D design.

  • Rapid Prototyping Service

These rapid prototyping services are for engineers and designers. These specialists are trained to do more than 3D printing but also design from scratch.

If you have 2D sketches, then the prototyping service is the place to be for CAD work. These experts will work at a fixed hourly rate.

In case you have a complex project, these experts will solve it quickly. They are experienced engineers and 3D designers the market offers.

  • A 3D File Marketplace

The other great place you can resource a 3D designer is at the 3D file marketplace. These are great places you can commission 3D files.

In such places, you can buy commission custom 3D files or readily files. The good thing, the experts have set their prices for the projects, thus acting as a freelance market.

  • Online Communities

Professional 3D designers are available in most online communities. These are platforms where they exchange matters and showcase work.


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