How to Find Slavic Hair Extensions Supplier in the US?

Want to buy slavic hair wholesale and are in search of a reliable supplier?

Hair extension is a business in which the quality of raw materials plays a huge role. For your services to be in demand, it is important to find materials that will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Read in our article how to understand that you have found a supplier that offers original products, not hair from India, or Asia that are sold under the guise of Slavic hair.

How to Test the Quality of Hair Extensions?

Before buying bulk hair wholesale, I Love Slavic Hair experts recommend purchasing a test batch of goods. This way you can check the quality and see if you’re satisfied with it.

When selecting the raw material for hair extensions, note:

  • Packaging

Quality raw materials will not be packaged in a plastic bag. They are often bundled.

  • Hair structure.

If they have a very intense, almost mirror glow, it could be a sign that the strands are silicone-treated. Good raw materials are not processed with a silicone! This is done when the seller tries to hide the defects of the hair.

  • Hairtips.

The tips of undyed Slavic hair will be a few tones lighter. In synthetic or Chinese bundles the tips will not differ from the shade in length.

  • Tactile Sensation.

The locks should not increase the weight of the hair. By touch, they should be silky and soft, with moderate glow.

  • Hair softness

Natural Slavic hair is very soft and has a fine hair structure, which makes it suitable for most girls.

How to Find a Reliable Slavic Hair Extensions Supplier in the US?

Now let’s talk about choosing a reliable supplier:

  1. Study products on the website of the company that interests you.
  2. Prepare the questions you would like to ask and contact the brand. This will help you understand how competent the company is.
  3. Please note the feedbacks from customers who have already collaborated with this brand.
  4. Study the terms of purchase that this company offers. Too low price is definitely not Slavic hair, which belongs to the category of premium segment. Beware of crooks who offer cheap Slavic hair:  at best they will send you a different type of hair, at worst they will send nothing at all.
  5. Order a test batch. You already know how to test it.

Among all companies from which you can buy Slavic hair wholesale in the USA and Canada, we recommend I Love Slavic Hair

This brand is a direct hair collector and supplier from Ukraine, as well as cooperates with the best suppliers from Russia and offers materials for extensions with which the best salons all over the world work.

Try it and see for yourself!


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