Different Ways to Advertise: Unique Digital Marketing Tactics Worth Trying in 2019


Nearly 65 percent of consumers claim that shared values help them trust a company right away. Spreading the word about the products or services your business offers is a lot harder than you may think, though. The digital landscape is littered with companies vying for consumer attention.

Instead of patterning your marketing efforts after your competitors, you need to find a way to forge your own path. Oftentimes, finding different ways to advertise can help your business stand out to a potential customer.

Researching the market and identifying your core audience is helpful when trying to devise a successful marketing strategy. Knowing what your audience likes and what type of content they respond to can help you garner more attention.

The following are some of the unique things you need to try when attempting to market your products and services to the general public.

Having a Referral Program Is Beneficial

In the days before the internet, companies relied heavily on word of mouth advertising. Providing a customer with great service is essential when trying to get them to recommend you to their friends or family. One of the best ways to provide motivation to your customer when attempting to garner recommendations is by creating a referral program.

A referral program will provide a consumer with compensation for driving business to you. If you don’t want to provide money for these referrals, you may want to think about offering discounts or free products.

Before launching your referral program, you will need to nail down the details of what a consumer gets for a referral. Without this crucial information, you run the risk of making loyal customers mad by not providing them with the right amount of compensation.

Looking for Different Ways to Advertise? SMS Marketing Can Be Extremely Effective

Spending time on a mobile device is something most people do on a daily basis. Finding a way to use the cell phone as a marketing tool can help you create a number of sales leads.

With the power of SMS marketing, you can reach a larger audience with your message. Pairing your SMS campaign with other marketing methods like emails can increase the effectiveness.

The key to converting message recipient into a customer is having an effective and informative message. Working with marketing professionals is a great way to optimize your message. Allowing an online texting service to send out these messages can help you track the success rate with ease.

Exclusive Beta Can Help You Develop Interest for a New App

Both Apple and Android app markets are filled with millions of programs to choose from. Finding a way to make your new app unique should be one of your main concerns. Once you have your app built, you need to think about how to draw attention to its release.

One of the best ways to do this is by raffling off private beta tests of the app to consumers. After you put your app in the hands of these beta testers, you can get some feedback on how well it performed. Taking the suggestions offered by the beta testers and using this information to optimize your app is essential.

Be sure to ask each of the testers to leave a review on your website. Having tons of positive reviews can help you establish trust with new consumers instantly.

Contact Posters on Popular Forums

Identifying your target audience is a great way to personalize your marketing efforts to fit their needs. If there is a popular online forum related to the industry you are in online, reaching out to popular posters is a good idea.

Usually, these forums will have thousands of people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Paying a popular poster to endorse your product or service will be well worth it.

With the momentum from this endorsement, you can gain a ton of new clients. With a bit of time and research, you should be able to identify the best forum posters to work with.

Hosting a Contest Can Excite Your Audience

Prior to launching a new product or service, you have to find a way to get people excited about the coming release. While posting about the release on social media can drum up a bit of interest, you will need to do much more to reach a wider audience. Hosting a contest to give away your new product or service is a great way to excite your audience.

Promoting this give away on both your social media pages and your website is crucial. You may also want to make a video that features a teaser about the upcoming release of the product.

The earlier you can start promoting this content, the more attention you will ultimately gain. Encouraging your audience to share your social media posts can help your content go viral.

Explainer Videos Are Extremely Popular

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know how popular video marketing has become. When launching a new product or service, you will need to explain how it works and the benefits it provides to your audience.

While you can write a lengthy blog post explaining the key points of your product or service, you can get more attention with an explainer video. Before starting the video making process, you should make a script. With a script in hand, you can stay on message and keep your content concise.

Working with Marketing Professionals Is a Good Idea

Finding different ways to advertise will be easy with the help of professionals. A marketing company can help you come up with new ways to reach your audience and track their success.

In need of more marketing advice? Our article on using social media like an influencer can help you create a competitive advantage.

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