Stand Out in The Crowd: 4 Unique Face to Face Marketing Tips


Many people falsely assume that the marketing world is primarily digital now. However, there is still a huge role for traditional marketing techniques in the business world.

In fact, total advertising expenditures in the United States exceed $200 billion. This amount represents a 5 percent increase from the year prior.

Of that total, $83 billion is spent on digital advertising. That means that the remaining $120 billion are spent on traditional advertising like TV and outdoor events. The fact is that American business does not overly rely on digital marketing.

There is still a place for face to face marketing in modern business. Read on to learn 4 unique tips for face to face marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Face to Face Marketing?

Before diving into the 4 facts, it is important to understand the benefits of an in-person marketing strategy. For starters, face to face interaction is an excellent way to build trust and rapport with clientele.

It also helps customers reach a decision to have a physical interaction with a product. Lastly, consumers feel a greater obligation to make a purchasing decision when communicating in person. It is much easier to say no over the phone or ignore an e-mail.

1. Target the Right Audience

In order to convert in-person marketing efforts into sales, the right audience is required. One effective way to do this is an analytical deep dive into the company’s sales data.

Learn more about who purchases your product or service. Specifically, explore defining characteristics like age, gender, or zip code. This data will significantly narrow down your search.

2. Find the Perfect Location

Now that you have found the right audience, it is time to select the perfect location to meet them. Location is critical to a successful face to face interaction.  

The results of your sales analysis give you the right clues. For example, identify a location where your primary age demographic frequently visits.

3. Demonstrate the Product or Service

Hands-on experience with the product is key to sales conversion. Bring a demonstration to give potential customers a flavor of what you are offering.

This is one of the most effective methods for shoppers to remember your brand. For more tips on in-person product demonstration, we recommending watching What is Smart Circle (Video) on Youtube.

4. Follow-Up

After an interaction, try to get some contact information from the potential customer. Both phone numbers and e-mail addresses are sufficient.

The final step is sealing the deal. Within 48 hours of the face to face meeting, you should reach out to interested shoppers.

Wrapping It Up

Face to face interaction remains an effective way to market products. The truth is that digital efforts can be stale and impersonal.

Instead, an in-person marketing strategy allows customers to retain more information about the product or service. The hands-on experience is invaluable and helps convert leads to sales.

Creating a connection with customers may be exactly what your business needs. If you enjoyed this article about face to face marketing, check out our blog for other great pieces.

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