6 Home Office Essentials to Help You Maximize Productivity and Dominate Your 2019 Goals

In many ways, working from home is the dream. No more commuting and getting stuck in traffic. No more worrying about what to wear to the office. No more sharing an office with not-so-great co-workers.

The challenge, though, is staying motivated. If your home has always been your haven for relaxation, how do you wake up in the morning and get into “work mode”?

It’s all about having the right tools for the job. Check out these great home office essentials that will help you stay efficient all day long.

Home Office Essentials for Productivity

That word “home office” is your first clue. To be productive, you need to design your environment around that goal. Chances are that a seat on the couch won’t cut it.

On top of a designated workspace, add these essentials to your list.

Comfortable Chair

This sounds obvious but it’s one of the biggest problems when it comes to productivity. After all, it’s hard to focus if you have back pain and neck pain all day.

Having a comfortable chair that fits your body is an important way to avoid that distraction. You might need a few other accessories too, like a footrest or a lumbar support cushion.

Remember, no matter how comfortable your chair might be, you still need to take a break and stand up every so often. Because you’re working from home, you can do some stretches for office workers without getting weird looks.

Timer or Alarm

Have you ever sat down to do a one-hour task and the next thing you knew it was two hours later and you weren’t finished? A simple timer could solve that issue.

One option is to set benchmarks for big tasks or time goals for small ones. The timer will help you stay on track to get the job done.

Email is a common time thief as well. Set aside ten minutes every two hours to check your email. When the timer goes off, move on to another task.

Organized Filing Cabinet

Time spent looking for things is another common productivity-killer. If you deal with files and past information, a filing cabinet is essential. You can find them at most stores that sell office supplies.

The key is keeping it organized, though. Have an easy to use organization plan and follow it.


We’ve all had a great idea that slipped away because we forgot it before we wrote it down. That’s why more and more offices are using whiteboards.

A notepad will work if you prefer. The Important point is that you have somewhere to brainstorm and jot down quick ideas, whether it’s marketing ideas or your next work of art.

To-Do List (Or Similar Software)

If you added up all the time you spend trying to decide what to do next, you might be surprised.

You can eliminate that time with a great to-do list. If you’re more of a techie, try websites that offer free options like kanban boards. Whether you prefer a keyboard or a pen and paper, the trick is to make your list easy to check at a glance and easy to add things to.

A Set-Up for Success

Creating a workspace where you can work your magic is the first step toward work-from-home success. The home office essentials above will help you get the job done every day of the week.

For more great tips for mastering life and all it has to offer, check out the tips on our blog.

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