Got a Teen Learning to Drive? 5 Tips to Help You Stay Sane

teen learning to drive

You blink your eye and your toddler is suddenly in the driver’s seat.

Having a teen who’s starting to drive can be one of the scariest experiences you face as a parent. You want them to be prepared, safe, and responsible. However, they’re also a teenager.

We know your top priority is keeping your teen healthy and safe. This article will teach you how to stay sane while your teenager is learning to drive.

teen learning to drive

1. Take the Keys out of the Ignition

In order to feel more comfortable, you’re going to want to start slow.

This means taking the keys out of the ignition and starting with a stand-still lesson. Get your teen used to sitting in the driver’s seat without actually driving.

Show them how to adjust their seat, how to adjust their mirrors, and where all the bells and whistles are. Quiz them about what different lights mean on the car. Be sure they know what PRINDL stands for.

2. Go Somewhere Safe

You want to teach your teen to drive in an environment that is comfortable.

If you live in a busy neighborhood, go to a place that has fewer cars and people. You don’t want them driving for the first time in a stressful environment. As they start to improve, you can take them to more advanced areas.

3. Hire a Professional

If you want extra comfort during the period you’re teaching your child to drive, try hiring a professional.

Professional driving teachers will know more than you about the best tactics and safety methods. Driving teachers will come to your house and teach your teen to drive, or you can take your teen to their business.

This company offers a variety of driving classes to suit your personal needs.

4. Lead by Example

As will all areas of life, your teen will be looking to you to mimic how you drive.

Lead by example by practicing good road habits. Always use your blinker, keep your hand on ten-and-two and slow down at red lights.

Most importantly, never text and drive. Texting and driving will give your teen the impression that it’s safe to do so. Emphasize to your teen how important it is to put their phone away while they drive. You can even encourage them to store their phone in their center console. Send them the message that no text message or Snapchat is worth their life.

5. Set a Curfew

Once your teenager is able to drive, you will want to set a curfew for them so you can know their safe.

It’s not a good idea for brand new drivers to be out at night. Make a deal with them that they should be home before dark at first. As they get comfortable, you can slowly extend their curfew.

Follow These Tips While Your Teen is Learning to Drive

It is unavoidable to be stressed while your teen is learning to drive. However, these tips can help ease the anxiety you feel.

Make sure your teen is well prepared and safe and the rest is out of your hands.

Enjoy this article? Read more tips today!

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