5 Unbelievable Ideas for Your California Dreamin’ Bucket List

Going out to sunny California (especially during the cold, grey winter months) should be on someone’s to-do list.

Visiting Southern California is a guaranteed adventure. If you like amusement parks, beautiful museums, and unique shopping experiences, then SoCal is for you! Here are a few of our favorite places we think everyone should add to their California bucket list.

Be sure to visit a few or even all! It will make every trip memorable!

1. California Science Center

For the nerdy tourist, the California Science Center is a must-go. Visiting this museum will give you the chance to see some of NASA’s amazing historical creations. The Endeavour is one of these exhibits.

The museum’s staff will give educational tours which will both fascinate and capture any scientific mind.

2. Ride the Skyslide

Do you love taking risks and being a bit of a daredevil? Then this stop is perfect for you!

Any height junky will love going down the sky slide in downtown Los Angeles. This 1,000-foot long slide will transport you down the side of the US Bank Tower. It’s over quickly but it’s an invigorating drop that will have your heart racing for the rest of the day!

3. Enjoy the Magic of Disneyland

Any tourist should make a stop at the Magic Kingdom.

Disneyland is full of your favorite characters from all Disney’s franchises. And for those who like to dress up, consider planning your trip around a Dapper Day. Dapper Days allow you to dress as your favorite character in a casual manner.

This creative park experience attracts locals and tourists alike. Sometimes the people watching is better than actually making a point of visiting the park!

4. View the Night Sky at Griffith Observatory

For the more romantic visitor, nothing says romance like viewing the California night sky in a historic observatory.

Griffith overlooks LA and at night all around you, the lights of the city will glow. It is an awe-inspiring experience we think you and your bae may love. If you get there at the right time you’ll be able to view the stars overhead through the telescope, too!

5. Meditate at Lake Shrine

Last but definitely not least is taking a spa day in SoCal’s stunning Pacific Palisades.

Since many visitors to the LA area come to the city for the famed plastic surgeons, this is the perfect place to recover. After receiving a Brazilian butt lift, find some time to quiet your mind and heal your body in this quiet little corner of Southern California.

Complete Your California Bucket List in 2019

Are you looking for more things to add to your trip itinerary?

We have ideas we think every travel savvy tourist should check out. Adding some of these stops to your California bucket list next year will be a foolproof way to the best trip ever!

Check out our blog for more lifestyle tips or advice. And happy traveling in 2019! We think you’ll have the best trip ever!

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