Your Business Options When it Comes to the Latest Juice Trend: Aloe Vera Water

 We’ve all heard of aloe vera and its healing properties, but did you know that it can also be drunk? There’s a new product transforming the fruit juice industry, and it’s aloe vera water. Many people attest to the various positive properties of aloe vera water – it supposedly boosts energy and gets rid of sluggishness, and it’s supposed to be great for a hangover as well. If you’re looking to go into something that could potentially rake in a big profit, whether you already have a food or beverage business or are still starting out, here’s why aloe vera water is worth considering. Here are your business options when it comes to the latest juice trend: aloe vera water.

Its history

Did you know that in ancient times, aloe vera was often used for aches and a number of medical conditions? In some cultures, aloe vera was believed to help with indigestion and fever, and it even prevented too much perspiration (Congolese hunters used to spread it over their skin, so they didn’t perspire too much).

Although aloe vera is naturally found in sub-Saharan Africa, it can be easily cultivated in cooler climates, and it can now be seen almost anywhere.

More on the juice of the aloe vera

There are some active components in aloe vera juice, such as vitamins C, E, and A, as well as amino acids and minerals. If you are buying aloe vera juice or water and are planning to look for fruit juice manufacturers, ask the manufacturer if their aloe vera water is inner fillet or whole leaf. If the aloe vera juice or water is whole leaf, it means that the entire leaf of the plant was processed into juice, including the layer of yellow-coloured sap found between the inner fillet and outer rind. If it’s inner fillet aloe vera juice or water, this means that only the gel in the plant’s interior has been used to make the juice.

Many people are saying that aloe vera water is the biggest thing since coconut water, and they may be right. The good aspect about aloe vera water is that both the gel and the juice are colourless, and since the taste is subtly bitter, it can work well with ingredients such as wheatgrass, honey, pomegranate, and goji berries. You can also add some natural sweeteners to aloe vera water, such as cane sugar or stevia for a more appealing taste that more consumers would love.

Some more creative individuals also attest to the addition of aloe vera water to other ingredients such as lime, cucumber, and watermelon. You can do your own experimentation with aloe vera water, so you can figure out what aloe vera beverage products can work best for you.


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