The Advantages Of Music Live Streams

Everyone loves music. Music is universal and it reaches out to all people and all languages. Anyone can enjoy music according to their style, taste, and preferences. Music has been around since the beginning of time. Music is part of our life.

The global music industry involves many professionals working in the live entertainment sector, and these are the touring musicians, tour managers, promoters, venue directors, talent buyers, and many others. These people have been through the ups and downs encountered by the music industry, and due to the current trend of live stream music, there has been a steady increase in the revenue from live performances and tours.

Music live streams through services such as Youtube, etc. have been a major force in the increase of revenue in the music industry which is seen as a positive trend for the industry. Live streaming enables immediate exposure access to millions of followers and fans from all over the world. Artists benefit from the popularity generated from the exposure and help increase attendance to live shows to increase the income for the artists and other professionals in the music industry.

Live music has an important role in driving sales of records and merchandise, along with overall revenue for artists and other music related businesses. Countless other entities from e.g. labels, distributors and streaming services earn revenue from increased sales and subscriptions, so do managers, booking agents, venue personnel, promoters, and arts presenters, etc. earn percentages of concert revenue, and royalties, etc.

Some of the top live stream apps are Periscope,, YouNow, Streamago, Facebook Live, etc. are used to broadcast your live stream on live streaming platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and for viewers all over the world to tune in to follow the live broadcasting. Live streaming platforms enable people and brands to connect with their friends or followers in real time. Today, there are lots of viable alternatives made available to us.

Most of the live streaming apps are free for downloading. Most of the apps allow broadcasting of videos either to a selective group of people or publicly. The broadcast can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks to be watched on the smartphones. After the live stream ends, some apps will reveal statistics such as live viewers, replay viewers, total time watched.

There are also apps that allow viewers to send “loves” and join conversation by publishing comments, and sending of “gift points”, which viewers can buy with real money. Live streaming allow viewers to stay connected in a more personal way, and searching and making new friends.

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