Preparing Your Home for a New Pet

preparing your home for a new pet

The time has finally come: you’re about to go from pet lover to pet owner. You’ve found the perfect furry friend and are ready to bring them into their forever home. As you wait for the big day where your new feathered, scaled, or fluff-covered pal comes to live with you, there’s a lot you’ll need to do. Some of it will be relatively straightforward, like making sure you’ve got pet food waiting and finding the right veterinarian.

Other items on the to-do list might be less obvious, and it’s these bonuses that can make all the difference in setting your pet up for a long, happy, and healthy life by your side. From removing toxic houseplants before your new addition arrives to stocking up on supplements and other less conventional pet products, you’ll find there’s a long list of tasks to tackle before they come home and jump into your waiting, loving arms.

Research pet professionals for your new buddy.

preparing your home for a new pet

You probably already know that you need to have a trusted vet on hand for when your pet comes home. This is important even if they’ve had their shots and other treatments, like medications for fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Chances are, you’ve already compared reviews and asked your friends and fellow pet parents who they’d recommend. If your pet starts suffering from seizures, inflammation, or digestive issues, you want to know that you have the best veterinarian on hand. Plus, if you decide to try CBD oil or other supplements with your pet, consulting your vet is the best way to do so safely. But pet care doesn’t start and end with health and wellness treatments. Your pooch, kitten, or other pet deserves the best of care in every aspect of their life.

For example, you might want to hire a professional to handle dog poop removal and clean up. After all, you’ll be busy caring for, playing with, and training your pup—why not take a task off your to-do list ahead of time? A company like Scoop Troop, with team members focused on pet waste removal Algonquin Illinois, can do that without sacrificing cleanliness or time. Keeping your backyard clean will not only keep your neighbors happy and your outdoor space clean, but will help maintain your pet’s overall health. Add a well-reviewed groomer, dog walker, or pet sitter to your to-hire list and assemble the ultimate dream team for your furry family members (alongside you and your human family, of course).

Pet-proof your home for safety.

best ways to pet proof your home for safety

Much like bringing home a baby, it’s important to make sure your home is ready to welcome your new pet in every way, especially when it comes to safety. Research how to pet-proof your home and get to work well in advance of their homecoming. Not only will the entire process take time, but planning early can give you some wiggle room should you realize you missed anything.

On the one hand, you may need to remove some items from your home or keep them safely out of reach. Household cleaners and chemicals, medications, wires, and even knick-knacks can pose a threat to your beloved new pet, as well as affect your own peace of mind. Certain houseplants can put your pet at risk, too, but their knocking over your heirloom vase will devastate you ,alongside the danger of your cat, dog, or other animal hurting themselves on its fragments. Consider spending some time on the USSelfStorage website to find a storage unit that will provide a space to save your precious statuettes and other valuables until your pet is trained or old enough to not damage it, or until you can find it a spot that’s safely out of your pet’s reach. If your plants thrive in low light, you might even be able to maintain them in a local storage unit.

On the other hand, a few additions might be in order. Installing latches on cabinetry, for example, can keep your pets from hurting themselves trying to open it or getting into toxic chemicals or other dangerous items. A new garbage can with a lid can save you from having to clean up a mess while keeping Fido away from foods he shouldn’t eat and other problematic waste. Still other additions can improve your own quality of life along with your new pet. For example, if you’ve removed toxic houseplants from your home to keep your pet safe, you might want to add some new pet friendly plants to continue reaping the health benefits of keeping houseplants in the house while keeping your pet healthy.

Stock up on essentials.


You know you need certain must-have pet products, like cat or dog food, a leash and collar or harness, toys, and plenty of treats. For any kind of pet, you’ll want to make sure you have the most essential products on hand before they come home. But, depending on your pet’s needs, you might find that they need various types of products that aren’t on most checklists.

For example, you could consult your vet for vitamin or supplement suggestions based on your pet’s health needs. Worried about the potential for upset stomach, skincare concerns, or simply the nutrients he or she needs? There’s a pet product for that. Pet relief CBD oil or other CBD products may be a particularly good fit for rescue or senior pets, who are more likely to face issues like joint pain or anxiety. As always, consult your vet and be sure you have the proper dosage for your pet, whether they’re a large dog, small dog, or another animal entirely.

As you stock up on all your pet care needs, consider whether pet direct sales companies might be a great option, even better for you than regular trips to the pet store. A starter kit can get you set up with many of the high quality new products your pet will need and, by marketing those same items to potential customers, you can even gain some extra income in the process. After all, more money coming in means you’ll have more to spend on goodies for your pet. You’ll be spending plenty of time thinking about these items, so pet product sales can help you put that time, effort, and knowledge to good use.

Bringing home your furry friend.

how to prepare your home for a new pet

Bringing your new pet home once and for all comes with its own set of tasks and responsibilities. Homes with pets at home already will want to introduce them carefully and make sure that all of the animals involved have plenty of space. Consider whether you’ll need to quarantine pets and introduce them slowly, or whether you’ll keep your sole pet in a particular section of your house while they get acquainted with the new space. Gradually allow your new pet to meet your human housemates and let them explore their new toys and other special items. This will also allow you to spot any last-minute items to move to your storage unit or out of your pet’s reach before they take to further adventures.

Becoming a pet owner is the highlight of any animal lover’s life. With the right pet products and professionals and plenty of planning, your new furry family members will come home to the perfect space with the perfect person — you!

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