Making Mist: 8 Tips on Vaping for Beginners

vaping for beginners

Whether you want to vape as a healthier nicotine fix or as a pathway to stop using nicotine altogether, these tips on vaping for beginners will get you started.

vaping for beginners

Ass many as 9 million Americans vape on a regular basis. That number is growing slowly but surely every year.

And frankly, why not?

Vaping is a tremendous way of kicking back at the end of a long day and a great social activity to enjoy with friends and family.

If you’ve thought about picking up vaping in the past but haven’t taken the leap yet, it’s worth a try. If/when you do test the waters, to make sure you have as positive of an experience as possible. Here are 8 best vaping for beginners tips you should get acquainted with!

1. When in Doubt, Buy a Good Starter Kit

If purchasing all of the different components required to vape, from the physical vaporizer to maintenance stuff and eJuice flavors, is too overwhelming, just splurge on a starter kit.

Starter kits will come with all of the essentials you need to get your smoke on which makes vaping for beginners easy. As you get more advanced and learn more about what you like while vaping, you can change out and upgrade certain components of your vape to better align with your tastes.

Starter kits definitely come in at varying qualities so to be safe, check out this vape site for more information.

2. Buy Your eJuice from a Reputable Dealer

eJuice flavors are probably the best part of vaping for beginners. They let you change your experience day to day but altering your smoke’s flavor to anything from Lucky Charms to green tea.

There are a ton of eJuice dealers online all offering pretty good deals on vape flavors. The problem is though, some of these dealers sell bad stuff.

To make sure that your eJuice is safe to consume, comes in quality safety packaging, and tastes good, do your research and find a good juice distributor.

3. Check Your Battery Connections Regularly

With regular vape use comes regular build-up of eJuice residue and other gunk where your battery meets your vape’s atomizer. To make sure that your vape stays operational for as long a time as possible, make it a point to regularly clean out that area with a q-tip or other vape cleaning apparatus.

Excessive buildup in the battery area can hamper electrical conduction and which can ultimately lead to electrical failure in your device.

4. Clear Out your eJuice Tank Between Uses

If you like trying a lot of different eJuice flavors, we don’t blame you. We love experimenting with vape flavors too!

The only issue is that if you’re not cleaning out your eJuice tank, you may be mixing flavors which can hurt your overall experience and may even throw off your smoke’s PG/VG ratios.

If you’re sticking to a single flavor, you don’t have to go as far as cleaning out your tank between every vape session. We do recommend though cleaning your tank on a weekly basis.

5. Always Keep a Spare Battery Handy

One of the most frustrating aspects of vaping is when your vape’s battery dies. If you vape regularly, dead batteries can actually occur quite often.

To avoid the annoyance of needing to wait for long charging sessions to smoke, we recommend always having one battery in your vape and another one on the charger. That way you can swap the batteries and never be without a well-powered vape!

6. Keep a Cloth Handy

Sometimes when you’re refilling your eJuice tank, leaks and spills happen. When they do, you’ll be forced to dig through your glove box or pockets for napkins to control the damage.

In order to keep things running smoothly while taking your vape on the go, consider keeping it wrapped in an absorbent cloth while transporting it so you can mop up eJuice spills when they occur.

7. Beware of Vaper’s Tongue

If you love a particular eJuice flavor, it’s important that you don’t overuse it. If you do, your tongue will become desensitized to the flavor and you won’t be able to taste it anymore.

If you’re already in a position where your eJuice isn’t as tasty as it used to be, switch to another flavor for a couple of weeks. You’ll find that when you switch back, your tongue will be able to properly taste your favorite flavors again.

8. Avoid Flavor Ghosting by Keeping Multiple Tanks

Flavor ghosting is when you can taste remnants of an old flavor when switching to a different type of eJuice. We talked about this a little in point #4 and how you can avoid it by cleaning your tank between uses.

If you’re getting tired of cleaning your eJuice tank often because you love hoping between flavors, you can also avoid ghosting by just investing in multiple tanks dedicated to certain flavors.

Then, when you want to switch flavors, you can swap tanks without needing to thoroughly clean it out.

Make Use of These Vaping for Beginners Tips

Vaping can be an exciting activity to try your hand at. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your first and future vaping experiences, our recommendation is to leverage these vaping for beginners tips.

Each of them will help you get the fullest flavors from your vape, avoid annoying issues and allow you to focus your time on enjoying vaping!

Did you enjoy this article? If yes, I’ve got great news for you… there’s a whole lot more where that came from!

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