9 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Hair Strong and Healthy

winter hair care tips

Winter can be especially damaging to hair because the air is so dry and frigid. Here are some essential winter hair care tips to keep your locks looking great.winter hair care tips

Another sweet summer has ended, where we say farewell to pool parties and beachside bonfires. Some are sad to see it go, but plenty are happy to say hello to chilly, sweater weather.

How can you not be excited for pumpkins, hayrides, and hair as dry and crunchy as autumn leaves?

Maybe not that last one. But, with the cold weather comes itchy scalps and split ends. Before you know it, February hits and your hair has become an unruly mess.

Not this time! With a few new products and lifestyle changes, you can get ahead of the winter hair blues.

Winter can be especially damaging to hair because the air is so dry and frigid. Here are some essential winter hair care tips to keep your locks looking great.

1. Use a Weekly Hair Mask

This winter, commit to applying a weekly hair mask. Look for ones that are targeted to people with dry hair.

It might be more convenient, but don’t apply your mask in the shower. Instead, shampoo as usual, then get out. Towel dry your hair and apply about a tablespoon of the product.

If you have extra dry roots and scalp, you can apply to your whole head. For those with normal or oily hair, just apply from the mid-point to ends. Wrap your head in a warm, damp towel, then rinse out with water after 10 minutes.

2. Don’t Shampoo Everyday

A general rule of thumb all year round is to try and shampoo your hair less often. Shampoo dries out your hair and strips it of its natural oils.

This is especially true during the winter months. Not only will it dry your hair out even more, but it will cause your scalp to be dry and itchy.

Don’t be nervous to forgo a few washes every week. For those with naturally oily hair, you might find that in the winter, it’s not as bad.

If it is, you can try using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is also a great option to revive your hair after you’ve been wearing a warm hat all day.

3. Beat Static with Leave-in Conditioner

The cold air brings with it static hair. Not only does it look pretty silly, it’s also a red flag that your hair is too dry.

Your first thought to combat static might be to hold your hair down with hairspray. Actually, hairspray can sometimes make static cling worse.

The real remedy is actually leave-in conditioner. Condition your hair in the shower, then spray the leave-in conditioner from the mid-point to ends.

4. Dye Your Hair Darker

Platinum hair is great for the summer or for those in warm climates. If you live somewhere like Miami, you probably don’t need these tips. In that case, rock your summer hair all year long and click for more inspiration.

However, for those who live in cold climates, the winter is a time to take your hair darker. Bleach is incredibly tough on hair, even when the weather is ideal. During the winter, your hair will get even more damaged.

Have your colorist take you a few shades darker than usual. Then as spring hits, go back to your summer blonde.

5. Dry Your Hair Before Going Outside

Using too much heat styling in the winter is a bad idea. You might think the natural conclusion would be to skip blow-drying your hair.

Instead, use your curling or straightening irons less. Always dry your hair before leaving the house.

In the cold, your hair shafts will expand. That will cause your hair color to fade faster and leads to hair breakage.

6. Line Winter Hats with Silk

Winter hats can cause split ends and frizz. That is especially true if you have natural or curly hair.

But, you have to wear a hat when it’s very cool because heat escapes from your head. What’s a gal to do?

Line your hats with silk fabric. For a cheaper, vegan option, satin fabric works too. These slippery materials are gentler on the hair than wool or yarn.

7. Get a Trim

In the cold months, your hair will be more prone to split ends. Regularly getting a trim will keep your strands looking fresh.

People trying to grow out their hair should especially adhere to this advice. It might seem counterintuitive, but your hair won’t get longer if you have lots of split ends. A tiny trim every 6 weeks should do the job.

8. Wash Your Hair in Warm or Cool Water

There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot shower on a chilly day. But, those steamy temperatures are bad for your hair.

People with brightly colored hair should always wash in cold water to keep their color from fading. But, even those with their natural hair should wash with only warm or cool water in the winter.

Hot water is drying and damaging for the hair. Plus, if your scalp is irritated, the hot water will only make it worse.

9. Use an Oil-Based Moisturizer

An oil-based hair moisturizer is great for dry hair, especially if it’s curly or natural. It’s best to apply oil to dry hair. It will absorb it much better than wet or towel dried hair.

You can use it before you go out to keep static at bay. Try it at night for a deep treatment while you sleep. Before bed, apply the oil and then wrap your hair in a silk or satin headscarf.

The next morning, you’ll wake up with soft, luscious locks!

Winter Hair Care Tips: Keep Your Hair Soft All Year Long!

Start following these 9 winter hair care tips at the first sign of a chill.

That way, your hair and scalp will never get too dry or damaged.

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