Replacing Your Harley Seat: Tips and Tricks

When you ride your Harley enough, some parts start to get a little worn out. Even if nothing on your bike is showing its age yet, sometimes it is nice to get an upgrade. One of the most popular Harley parts to switch out is the seat. The right Harley seat is different for every rider. You want to find the one that is most comfortable for your body and riding style. Below are some helpful tips on making the change.

Focus on Comfort and Quality

When you are searching for the best aftermarket parts for Harley Davidson, it is easy to be drawn to cheap motorcycle parts that seem to offer a lot for a little. While getting a good price is great, an uncomfortable seat or one that will quickly wear out isn’t really a good deal, no matter the price.

Of course, there are good quality seats for every budget category, so you can still find cheap motorcycle parts without having to compromise. Nonetheless, start by considering what type of seat will make your riding experience.

Get the Adjustment Right

Many Harley seats are adjustable forward and backward. Try putting the seat together finger-tight initially. Then, check the seat position and find the most comfortable spot for it before tightening the brackets further to lock the seat in place.

More Seats May Fit Than You Think

Your Harley may have a pin for the factory seat that doesn’t work with aftermarket options. This isn’t always a problem and many seats may fit perfectly well if you remove the pin. Check with your aftermarket part retailer to ensure compatibility with your bike.

Start Searching

Finding the right seat for your Harley can greatly improve your riding experience. Better yet, there are plenty of high-quality aftermarket options. When you start shopping aftermarket, you can find effective but cheap motorcycle parts ranging from new fairings to discount motorcycle tires. There is a world of bike customization out there just waiting for you to jump in.

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