Goodman Networks Announced As New Major Installation Provider For Ossia Inc.

Goodman Networks has recently joined forces with Ossia Inc. as the first installation and field service partner for Ossia’s Cota® Real Wireless Power™ system for both residential and commercial locations.

Goodman Networks plans to operate its strategic partnership with Ossia through its service brand TechDash by providing wide-ranging services for network operators, e-retailers, equipment manufacturers, and more. Goodman Networks remains a leading provider of technician-based solutions, working with wireless telecommunications carriers, smart home electronics retailers, and equipment manufacturing companies and has been in operation since 2000.

Ossia has made a name for itself by disrupting and redefining the wireless power industry by safely, effectively, and efficiently delivering remote, targeted energy to wireless devices — and from a distance at that — through its patented smart antenna technology.

Reinventing the wheel requires collaboration, and both Goodman Networks and Ossia seem to deeply understand this fact, which puts them in a unique position to reach homes and commercial sites throughout the US. While Goodman Networks concerns itself with providing consistent, high-quality service experiences at every appointment, Ossia’s main objective remains to enable a truly wire-free, fully-powered world that stays connected. These new relationships stand to bring many benefits to users new and established.

Users glean many benefits from this collaboration, allowing users to continue to utilize their smart devices, even while their devices charge from a distance and throughout rooms, buildings, and any other spaces needing on-demand power.

Goodman Networks has expressed its excitement with Scott Pickett, Chief Marketing Officer saying that, “We at Goodman Networks are excited to help support Ossia and their partners with home and commercial installation of the Cota wireless power system… [and are] thrilled to be deploying such ground-breaking technology… serving customers through our TechDash brand.”

Cota-enabled devices such as smartphones, scanners, keyboards, headsets, video and security cameras, and more can now be charged wirelessly, from a distance, and without much physical or human intervention, from as far as 30 feet away. Goodman Networks and Ossia look forward to furthering Cota deployment throughout the United States.

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