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Big Tech needs engineers, not just those with a Computer Science degree from a top university. They’re also looking for expertise in Hadoop and NoSQL technologies, knowledge of open source languages like Java, Python or PHP, and Ruby on Rails, as well as Big Data experience – likely the hottest skillset to have right now – and students with those skills will be in high demand. Institutions like San Francisco Bay University can set you up for success and guide you through the maze of learning by doing so that when graduation comes around, you’ll already have a leg-up on other applicants.

Here are some of the top skills that Silicon Valley needs:

Data Scientists

With the amount of data they need to analyze, these professionals are in high demand.

There are some universities that offer a master’s degree in data science; most people who hold this position have advanced degrees in math, physics, computer science, and engineering.


Any engineer can apply for these jobs, but they value experience in specific types of engineering. Along with an understanding of SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service). They also look for systems engineers who know how applications work.

Mobile Applications Developer

This position requires extensive development experience or knowledge of C#, Objective-C, or Java coding. Another important quality is writing code that can run on multiple platforms, not just Android phones.

Data Architect

As the name implies, these professionals design and build big data analysis tools to store large amounts of data, so it’s easy to find again later. They also have deep knowledge of how data is stored, including the best formats to use.

Machine Learning Engineer

For example, these engineers are often called upon to build models that inform users about which ads they will be most likely to click on. They also work with recommendation systems used by retailers, e-commerce websites, and streaming music services.

Network Security Engineers

This specific type of engineer holds the responsibility of protecting systems from cyber threats, including malware, bugs, and hacking attempts. Enter this field of work by earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another related field– and it’s also a plus if they know coding languages like Python or Javascript.

Cloud Security Engineer

Ideally, cloud security engineers will be familiar with virtualization and containerization and networking, and web servers. They’re expected to build systems that protect data from outside threats while making it easy to access.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists

People in this position need to know how search algorithms work and how businesses should improve their rankings. As part of that, they’ll design websites that are easy for Google and Bing to crawl. It’s also helpful if candidates know HTML, Javascript, and Adobe Photoshop

Cloud Computing Specialists

A deep understanding of virtualization and containerization technologies and networking is key to this role.

Big Data Specialists

These specialists should know what data can be captured in real-time and how that information can inform decision-making. They also need knowledge about the Hadoop framework and other Big Data tools like Cassandra and MongoDB.

Data Visualization Specialists

Data visualization specialists focus on finding new and interesting ways to present data, such as infographics and tools like MapReduce, to help users make sense of large amounts of information.

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