Artificial Intelligence in Business

To discover how artificial intelligence is changing the way which everyday businesses operate, continue reading to find out how AI technology is already being utilized by businesses.

Artificial intelligence in business:

  1. AI Chatbots are becoming increasingly more useful and more common

In the last year, the number of business’ who have implemented AI chatbots on their websites homepages has increased.

The number one reason to use an AI chatbot on your website is that most business owners find that their admin team gets flooded with the same questions over and over again. So if you place a chatbot on your homepage, you can program your chatbot to answer the most common questions, which potential customers ask your service desk.

By getting a chatbot to help answer the bulk of your customers’ queries and questions, you’ll be able to free up your team’s time to work on the everyday operation of your business.

Another reason why AI chatbots are becoming a more popular business tool is that AI chat boots are capable of interpreting and processing customer data.

  1. AI security programs are becoming far more prevalent

It’s estimated that in the next year around 75% of software security tools will boast predictive analytics fuelled by AI technology, which will feature algorithms which are capable of learning, adapting and troubleshooting.

So if you’re interested in increasing your business’ online security, it’s well worth investing in brand new security systems which boasts adaptive, intuitive AI technology.

  1. AI technology makes it far easier for businesses to market their ads to their target audiences

In the past year, new platforms have launched which are capable of finding the ideal target audience for any ad. Which means that businesses don’t have to waste time conducting hours of market research in order to try and identify the right individuals for their products, services, and advertisements.

Better yet such AI marketing platforms are also able to find the right individuals to play ads to, so businesses don’t have to waste time trying to find ways to play their advertisements to the individuals in their target audience.

  1. AI decision-making software

AI decision-making software has been released which can help businesses make wise business decisions by analyzing all of a business’ transactions and information, in order to help businesses make the best possible business decisions.

It’s thought that in the next few years the rise of AI decision-making software will skyrocket as often AI is far better at processing large amounts of data in order to make wise decisions, than humans. So it makes sense for businesses to start entrusting some of their business’ important decisions to trustworthy AI software.

  1. AI HR software

AI HR software can be used by businesses to hire the right employees. As an example AI facial recognition software is capable of evaluating potential candidates facial cues, when they answer interview questions, to see how candidates actually feel about the questions which they’re being answered and the validity of their answers.

In the coming years expect to see the business world rely heavily on artificial intelligence and the five AI technologies explained above.

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