8 ways to customise your iPhone

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to have the same phone these days? Ever put your phone down and gone to pick it back up again only to find someone else’s kids staring back at you from your lock screen and realised that that’s not your phone? Well, we’ve got a solution for you: customisation.

Customising your phone may feel very early noughties but adding a bit of personalisation to your phone can help to make sure you always pick up the right one. So, after you’ve upgraded your iPhone on qwikfone.com, why not check out our few tricks to customising your iPhone below?

A new phone case

The easiest and most common way to customise your iPhone is to add a case. From plain colours and transparent cases to novelty silicone cases and cases with little stands for mobile Netflix viewing, the world of phone cases is diverse and exciting. You can even get phone cases with straps and strings, so you never lose your phone again!

Check online and see if you can find a fun and unique phone case to set your phone apart from the masses!

Pop sockets

As phones get bigger and bigger, you may find your phone is actually quite difficult to hold! This is where a pop socket comes in. They stick to the back of your phone and can be popped out to create a little handle on the back of your phone.

Pop sockets come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes and are a great way to make holding your phone easier and distinguish it from the crowd!

Get a carry pouch

Along with phone cases that have strings and straps, you can also get phone pouches which make it easy to carry your phone around when you’re out and about. Check out the different styles online or even make your own to help distinguish your phone from others.

Add some stickers to the back

This is a great option if you have a clear phone case and can help you to identify your own phone among others.

Take a look at your favourite shops and see if you can find some cool and unique stickers to decorate the back of your phone. Perhaps the logo of your favourite band, or the first letter of your name, anything to make it easier to find!

Change up your background

Using the set backgrounds from your phone can make it look exactly like plenty of other people’s so changing your phone background to something personal and unique can help you to find yours.

Find a picture of your favourite place, or choose from your latest family photos, add it to your lock screen and help yourself find your phone and make it much more personal.

Change the menu colour

Many phones now offer a dark mode which makes all of the menu’s dark in colour. This is a cool way of making your phone look a little different and personalise it more to your taste. It can help you to know that you’re holding your own phone.

Create folders for all your apps

This is a good way to organise your menu and can help you to find the app you need much more quickly. You could even name the folders fun things to personalise it more.

Change up the font

Some phones only allow you to change the size of the font whereas others let you change the entire font. Whatever your phone allows, play around with this tool and personalise your phone a little. It can also help make your texts easier to read!

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