10 Signs Your IT Infrastructure Needs Updating

10 Signs Your IT Infrastructure Needs Updating

Is your IT infrastructure as old as the building? If so, then it’s time to get an upgrade. Even if your IT isn’t that old, you still want to check for these indicators that scream “UPGRADE ME!”

You’ve got the business, you’ve got the amazing employees, and you’ve got the clients. Business is booming, and you’re already a huge success!

However, don’t let that success make you complacent. None of your success means anything if you don’t have a solid IT infrastructure to lean on. F1 IT Support Melbourne specialists state that if your computers take forever to load or even crash, you might want to consider a massive infrastructure update.

If you can’t decide if your business qualifies, let me give you a hint . . .

Are your computers still beige?

1. Your Computers Are Slow

A slow computer is often the first sign that your network is past its prime. Don’t always assume that it’s the internet rather than the computer that is slow. Even if your computer still looks nice, it could still be outdated.

The internet has grown faster over the years, and technology has had to grow to keep up with it. If you want your business to stay relevant and ahead of the game, you need to give your employees every possible tool available to succeed.

Nothing ruins a worker’s momentum like having to wait for their computer to load.

2. Your Repairs Are Expensive

Isolated repairs on a network might not seem too expensive up close. However, add them up over time, and you’re spending far too much money. Quality hardware should be like a wind-up toy; wind it up and watch it go.

It’s also unwise to assume that your technology is still in good condition just because it was that way when you bought it. If there’s one area in which you shouldn’t be stingy, it’s updating or replacing your tech.

For information on efficient hardware and cabling systems, read more here.

3. Your Business Is Growing

Your business is thriving, and that’s fantastic! However, if you have to spend money to make money, then you also have to spend MORE money to make MORE money.

In order for your technology to run smoothly and not interrupt production, you’ll need to make it as easy as possible for your employees to accomplish their goals.

Printers have to work, loading times need to be non-existent, and every computer in your business should be using the same software.

Also, if your employees are required to travel or visit multiple offices, it may be time to switch from PC’s to laptops, which are easier to maintain and update.

4. Your Servers Are Crashing

If your computer servers keep crashing, that’s a tell-tale sign that your infrastructure needs replacing. And shrugging it off as “a busy day” is not a valid excuse to keep things the way they are. Properly updated software/hardware should be able to function properly no matter the traffic.

You should first check your system for viruses, which are often the force behind a faulty computer. However, virus or no virus, an IT infrastructure that keeps freezing and crashing is unacceptable for a successful business.

5. You’re Using Too Many Vendors

If multiple employees are using different software to perform the same tasks, you’re indirectly costing yourself time and money. This requires your IT department to handle more than it should, and you’re also losing money you could be saving by buying all your hardware from one company.

It also makes it harder for your employees to exchange content between departments. Even trying to open a document in an outdated version of Word can be incredibly time-consuming.

6. You’re Falling Behind Competition

All this talk of wasting time and money can only mean one thing: your competition has time to move ahead. While you’re trying to save money on updates, they’re making the tough decisions in order to reach the same goals as you and even surpass them.

Having an updated infrastructure means averaging more sales and not being left in the dust by the rest of your industry.

7. Your Tech Reaches “End of Life”

Every piece of hardware has an “end of life” date, which means that the manufacturers will stop making updates and simply start creating newer alternatives. If your hardware is past its “end of life” date, one malfunction could mean having to cease all production in order to fix the problem.

Stay ahead of possible issues by updating or replacing hardware before it breaks down on you.

8. You Don’t Have Enough Storage

If your employees’ computers keep showing notifications about not having enough storage, it’s high time you updated your servers. A successful business will have a client base, an overhead, an HR department, and much more. Not having large enough servers to store all of that information can lead to clients and critical information being lost.

Having “insufficient storage space” can also cause many other problems such as slower computers and possible server crashes.

9. Your Tech Is “Good Enough”

Do you have a computer or two that occasionally malfunction, but you’ve just learned to live with it? That might be good enough when you’re reading your grandma’s emails, but not for your business.

Say one of your computers won’t sync with the printer, but another will. Depending on only that computer for all typed work might seem like trivial compared to the price of repairs, but it will hinder employee momentum in the long term, and work will get backed up.

10. Your System was Hacked

If your system was hacked even once, it could lead to serious repercussions down the road. Hackers usually aren’t breaking in to do you any favors, so be sure to periodically check for viruses or malware that may have been implanted.

Whether or not your server has a virus, a hacker getting into your system means that your security is severely lacking and needs to be updated immediately. Customer privacy is paramount to your business, and you can’t afford to jeopardize your credibility, no matter what.

Time to Update Your IT Infrastructure

If one or more of these warning signs apply to your business, you’re extremely overdue for a massive IT Infrastructure update. After all, your business is your livelihood. Would you really put your livelihood in jeopardy just to save a few bucks?

Even if you’ve gotten comfortable with the way things are, your competition certainly hasn’t. An effective network is the name of the game, and it’s something that the best employees can’t function without.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas, and feel free to email me with any questions you might have!

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