Randy Benderson — A Reflection of His Successful Father

When you look at Randy Benderson, the well-known real estate leader how has played an instrumental role in Benderson Development’s success, it’s hard not to also see the man behind the man, if you will — Randy’s late father, Nathan Henderson. Nathan’s unparalleled real estate prowess no doubt helped to pave the way for his son’s success up to now.

If you talk to people who truly knew Nathan, they’ll likely tell you three important things you should know about him. For one, although he passed away at age 94 back in 2012, his business accomplishments were larger than life. He figured out at a young age how to make it financially on little thanks to his upbringing during the Great Depression. And he was relentless in his pursuit of success no matter how many business flub-ups he made. How else could he have gone from selling bottle caps at age 16 to operating the billion-dollar Benderson Development?

Second, he was a natural-born leader, not just a run-of-the-mill businessman. He had a reputation for peppering family, employees, and friends with inquiries to ensure that they were taking the right actions for others as well as for themselves.

Third, he was a philanthropist at heart, as despite his immense financial success, he never forgot his humble beginnings. He was passionate about helping anyone in need, whether it was a person or an animal. In fact, before he passed away, he created a trust containing funds that could go to charities following his death.

Randy continues to follow in his father’s business-savvy footsteps, serving as a real estate guru who understands how to capitalize on opportunities and to keep a company’s bottom line strong. Also like his father, he has a vested interest in seeing other people succeed. This is why he’s passionate about sharing his wealth of industry knowledge with the masses. His hope is that with his help, others, too, can experience business and life in general on a whole new level.

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