Huge Mistakes Leaders Make

There is so much talk about being a leader these days but the truth is that most people that are labeled as being leaders are not actually that. It is really important to understand what true leadership is. A failure to do so can easily lead to making some pretty huge mistakes you could have easily avoided.

Unfortunately, numerous mistakes can be mentioned. It is actually difficult to identify the very big ones. It is really important that you understand the fact that being a leader is all about constant education and knowledge. This practically means you want to get as much knowledge as you can. If you do not, you will keep making mistakes.

With all that was mentioned in mind, here are those huge mistakes that many leaders make, according to the personal experience of Cielo Gonzalez Villa:

Being A Constant Optimist

Many leaders are so optimistic that they think they can fix anything. They even believe that problems magically fix themselves. This is a really damaging approach you should never have in business and in life. There is nothing wrong with being an optimist but when you are way too optimist, you can end up missing problems simply because you think the solution will get better in the future.

Remember that being a realist is always more important in business. This is what can help you obtain the business growth you are after.

Afraid Of Making Changes

Leaders should never accept all the cards that they are dealt. We are taught to simply deal with what happens and not do anything too major. This is a bad approach in modern business. It is really important that you understand when things go wrong and you need to make changes. If you are afraid to make changes, there is a huge possibility the entire business will suffer since it cannot grow. The best leaders always make the most of the cards dealt but they also work hard to get new cards that can be played.

A Dislike Of Conflict

Some conversations are simply really difficult. It is not at all easy to deal with some situations. Unfortunately, when you dislike comfort too much, you can end up avoiding many situations that should actually be handled. Conflict is something you do want to be able to deal with since it naturally happens in business.


If you procrastinate, it is a certainty that a lot less is done than what could be done. This is a big problem in business. You need to be sure that you are active and that you plan everything that you have to do today, tomorrow, for a week and even for a month.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you might think now, it is vital that you work really hard at being a leader. Things will not magically happen overnight. Take a close look at what the best leaders do and the advice they give. Avoid all the mistakes mentioned and try to identify others that you might be making right now.


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