The hospitality industry can be a very profitable business to be in, with the average revenue per available room in the US hotel industry being $85.96 in 2018. However, it is also an industry that requires a lot of knowledge and there are numerous laws and regulations that must be complied with. If you are considering starting a small boutique hotel business then these five tips should help to plan your business model: 1. Research the laws and regulations Before making the decision to buy or lease premises for your

There certainly is no shortage of hotel and alternative accommodation booking sites, but finding the one that provides you with the best prices and the unique services you want can be a bit tricky. While reviews are consistently positive – for its baseline services as well as its executive RCLUB program – do they really reflect the site’s overall quality? Long story short, yes they do. The Top Hotel Booking Sites While is my top pick for hotel and accommodation booking sites, there are also other great resources

With the online casino industry experiencing such profound growth and success over a variety of platforms across the world there is no surprise that more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon each and every year. These days, however, it takes a sustained and consistent push to really make headway in the market, something that the developers Red Tiger know full well. Having been established in 2014 they are a relatively new face in the online casino world, however with an executive team comprised of some genuine veterans of

One of the unintended side-effects of the technological boom has been the development and release of increasingly sophisticated toys and games. Toys, which were once reserved for young boys and girls, have increasingly captured the imagination of adults. Now the toy industry is worth US$28 billion in the US. Children and adults alike are engaging with increasingly sophisticated and entertaining games. The latest products fly off the shelves every Christmas and the very best transcend age and gender boundaries. These are the four toys that both children and adults will

  In the latest news regarding email-triggered cyber scams targeting Americans, Optima Tax Relief’s experts advise American taxpayers and tax professionals to heed a recent statement issued by the IRS. In the official statement issued by the IRS and its Security Summit partners, the IRS is calling attention to a new national email cyber scam campaign that has the potential to put millions of Americans in jeopardy. These unsolicited emails generated by IRS imposters use the subject line of the email to capture the recipient’s attention, warning consumers of an

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