Packing Like a Pro: 7 Essential Tips for a Smooth Move

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Packing is monotonous, exhausting, time-consuming, and far too easy to get wrong. The good news is that with some very easy-to-apply tips, you can upgrade your abilities and start packing like a pro. Even if the paperwork continues to flow, and endless calls need to be made, these seven essential tips will help you master the art of packing for a smooth move:

Let The Professionals Do It!

This is the ultimate hack for getting your packing done professionally – hire professionals to get it done! If you have the budget, compare local removalists to see if an experienced crew can get the job done for you at a good rate. By using a comparison service, you can get the best quote in town from a reputable removalist company, ensuring you get a professional job at an affordable price.

Use Strong Boxes

Using strong boxes means you won’t run the risk of them being crushed or falling apart on the road. For extra peace of mind, use packing tape on the openings, corners, and edges to secure them further.

Eliminate Half The Work

Clutter is known to cause us to feel more stressed. When it comes to packing, clutter can also give you tons of extra gear to worry about. The good news is that it offers an easy way to halve your workload. Instead of packing up everything you own, declutter well before your moving date. Then sell, donate, and throw away everything you no longer want, need, or use. It’s a real load off what you need to pack. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy a guaranteed clutter-free new house at the end of the move.

Pack The Space Out

When you know how to carry boxes properly, you can protect both your spine and your belongings. To further protect your things from breakages (particularly in the moving van), fill any empty spaces. Anything that can slide around inside a box can break when the van moves around a corner or stops suddenly. By pushing bubble wrap, biodegradable packing peanuts, or newspapers into the gaps in a box, you can protect the contents with ease.

Label Like Your Life Depends On It

You cannot over-label when you move house. So get busy labeling not just the boxes but the items inside. Make sure the labels you use are properly secured or simply use a pen to write directly onto the boxes.

To score even more organization points, create a list detailing which box is which and what it has inside. This is especially important if any of your things are going into long-term storage.

Dry, Dry, Dry!

Mold loves damp and dark spaces, and if you store your things for a week or two in the garage or self-storage, you could find yourself with some pretty icky contents when the time comes to unpack. To stop nasty spores from ruining your stuff, make sure everything is bone dry when you pack it.

Start Packing Early

A good 71% of people lose sleep when they move house. It’s stressful, and if there’s one guaranteed way to make it even more stressful, that’s by leaving all the packing to the last minute. To avoid this drama, start managing your belongings as soon as you plan to move. Even if you just declutter a drawer a day, you’ll make steady progress. We promise you will thank yourself later!

Moving house is going to be a little bit stressful, but with the tips above, at least you’ll have the packing totally under control. Happy travels!

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