Business owners should take note of Optima Tax Relief’s review of the latest proposed and finalized tax law regulations released this month by the IRS. The updates to these regulations relate to the new 100% additional first year depreciation deduction, which allows for additional write offs that many businesses may be eligible to take advantage of. Once the new regulation updates go into place, following their publishing in the Federal Register, they will officially mark a series of new available business-tax write offs for depreciable business assets in the same

​It’s 2 a.m. and you’re still awake poring over magazines and blogs trying to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress. Yes, wedding planning is a ton of work, but don’t lose sight of the real purpose. At its heart, your wedding should be all about celebrating you as a couple. Taking every opportunity to personalize your day will make it so much more charming than the cookie-cutter variety. Here are five ways to charm the bow tie off your DIY wedding: 1. Add Custom Details to Your Invites Who doesn’t love

The idea of buying a luxury watch might scare you if you look at the price. You will even start to feel guilty that you’re considering buying something so expensive. You think that the amount is way beyond what you can afford, and you shouldn’t buy it. These reasons will make you change your mind and make you realize that it’s okay to buy one. You don’t usually reward yourself Can you remember where your income goes? Each month, the amount you earn goes to the payment of bills and

Hosting your home to travelers has become a popular way of making an additional income. Not only can you earn extra cash, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. Airbnb makes it possible to be in full control of your house’s rules and what price you want to charge. The website covers your home with their own insurance should anyone incur damages on your property. In addition to ensuring your belongings are protected, they will always verify guests before they are able to book. They must submit

Things to do in Bangkok may be perhaps few to be able to get to know the city to the full, but they can be many for those who are not ready to experience the rhythms of the capital. Bangkok is shocking, chaotic, noisy, but it is also silent, charming, elegant. The traffic in the city is appalling, hundreds of cars are crossing great roads without caring for pedestrians. There are traffic lights, but they are not always taken into consideration. On the sides of the streets, local food stalls,

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