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Mindfulness is a psychological process of instantaneous recognition of our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. To put it simply, mindfulness is the ability to stay present at the moment. This process can bring you different emotions from happiness to sadness. The more mindful you are the less you get distracted from the present moment. At the same time, it is important to distinguish mindfulness from meditation. Unlike meditation, mindfulness is not a concentrated focus on the present. It is a way of living when we are able to stay aware of the present

The nursing home decision is always a tough one. They might not want to go, and you are struggling to care for them whilst maintaining your own life, it can all get a bit heated. A lot of the time your loved ones may be scared. They might not want to lose their freedom and independence. They also might be scared of going into a nursing home because of the increased reports of elder abuse that seem to be on every news channel nowadays. Nowadays, it is more important than

It’s easy for people to feel isolated these days. Given how popular social media is and how it has transformed lives, many people feel left out. Even those who are constantly active online still feel lost. Virtual reality is still different from reality. If you also face this challenge, these are some tips to help you avoid feeling isolated. Regularly meet with your friends You might feel that you’re close with your friends because you constantly communicate online. It’s still different when you decide to talk to each other in

Loving someone who is an addict is one of the most challenging situations you’ll ever face in life. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, your partner, or your child, the struggle is constant, and supporting the chaos addiction brings is very difficult. It’s important that you learn the difference between loving/supporting an addict and enabling an addict. It’s also important to protect yourself from the fallout of their negative life choices. Take a moment to read through a few helpful tips for coping, along with some words on what

Although vaping was introduced to the world several years ago, it hasn’t lost its popularity, and more people than ever before are still taking up the pastime, whether casually, for their own enjoyment, or as a replacement for smoking. However, while taking the time to think about which mods, units, and tanks you want to use, one important you’ll be asked is what nicotine levels you want in your vaping liquids. Now, whether you’re new to vaping or you’re looking to get the right experience for yourself, you’ll need to

All parents want for their children is for them to the safe, happy, and healthy. When your kids are little, you can help them to be all of these things. But at your babies turn into teenagers, they need more independence. And while sometimes this independence can help them learn skills and grow as people, sometimes this independence allows your teen to make decisions that don’t necessarily align what who they are or how you raised them, like if they’ve chosen to start taking drugs. So if you think that

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