Be Smart When Negotiating the Price of a Used Car

black Audi Q7 SUV on road


black Audi Q7 SUV on road

The good thing about buying a used car is that you can negotiate the price to reduce its cost drastically. Therefore, if you’re looking at the possibility of owning a car without spending a lot of money, a used car might be the right choice.

When you negotiate, you need to be smart so that the owner or agent will give you the price that you want. You might even get more than what you ask for.

Check the average price of the used and new car 

Look for the same model and check the average price for both the used and new versions. You will then know how to negotiate once you enter a showroom. You won’t believe the agent who tells you that you’re already getting a good deal when you know that you’re not.

Be realistic 

Stop negotiating for a lower price if you know that the agent will say no to you anyway. Also, if you already received a discount, you shouldn’t keep asking for more; otherwise, the agent will walk away from the deal even if you’re willing to go back to the previous agreement. Besides, you’re not the only person who wants that same car model. There are other potential buyers too. If they’re easier to deal with, you can expect the agent to dismiss your offer. A 5% discount is a realistic amount. Be willing to say yes and pay it right away.

Find out what you’re getting

Just because the agent agreed to the discount you asked for doesn’t mean you got a great deal. It’s possible that the vehicle is in terrible condition and the agent wants to dispose of it at all cost. It’s better to sell the car at a low price than not to sell it at all.

You need to take the car out on a test drive to know if there are any issues and if you’re comfortable with it. You can also ask a mechanic to check the car and identify any possible problems. The mechanic can even tell you the value of the vehicle, and if you’re getting a good deal.

Stop hoping that the price continues to decrease

You might suspend your plans to buy the car because you hope that its price will continue to decline. Again, you can’t wait long, since other potential buyers might decide that they want the vehicle. Even if you get a much lower price after some time, you might not feel interested in that model by then. At that point, newer car models might be available which are worth the amount you’re willing to spend.

Learn how to negotiate with an agent, and make sure you start the conversation only when you have the necessary information.

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