Leveraging its Global Mindset, Brim Financial Looks Towards Bright Future

Canadian fintech Brim Financial, is a growing startup success story with big aspirations to expand globally. Brim’s founder and CEO, Rasha Katabi, launched the fintech in Toronto in 2015, inspired by the city’s international appeal. “Toronto attracts incredible talent from around the world because the city has so much to offer – everything from a bustling tech scene to world-renowned restaurants.” With such a diverse audience, Katabi couldn’t think of a better place for Brim’s corporate headquarters.

From the beginning, Brim was specifically designed with a global mindset. Credit card users have a wide array of benefits and features that can be utilized domestically and abroad. Brim cardholders can accrue rewards with merchants worldwide, create installment plans anywhere, and have a wide array of perks while traveling like free global Wi-Fi, the ability to lock online foreign transactions, and 0% foreign transaction fees.

A global marketplace without borders is a novel idea, one that is taking off. Katabi explains, “There is clear demand for a card like ours worldwide, both from a potential merchant partnership perspective and for consumers. We’re excited to fill that void.” Being a new startup in such an established industry is turning heads. With large financial institutions effectively paralyzed by their existing legacy systems, Brim has the ability to be more creative with their services.

The outdated merchant-centric model with excessive limitations and restrictions is isolating the modern consumer. People want choices, and Brim is designed to provide them with endless options. Brim’s hyper-personalized model allows consumers to create a credit platform that fits their unique lifestyle. “Our innovation and ability to deliver transformational value to card members and merchants is what helps set Brim apart. With this continued commitment to consumers, our team will always remain ahead of the curve.”

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