Responsibilities of Crane Hire Companies You Need to Partner With

Crane hire companies will offer you the equipment you need for the construction project. Aside from leasing the crane, they also have other responsibilities to ensure the safety of the project.

Site visit

Before they send the crane to the site, they need to know first how the site is. They can recommend the type of crane that would work best in the area if they have already seen it. They can also offer an accurate quotation if they know how far the site is from where they keep the crane.

Risk assessment

It is another responsibility of the company that is crucial for the project. They need to know if the site is suitable for the use of a crane. Not all areas can have cranes. They are too risky especially in places where there are a lot of people. This part is essential since they will help determine how to limit the potential risks.

Insurance protection

Even with careful planning and risk assessment, it is still possible to encounter problems at the construction site. Therefore, you need insurance protection to cover the medical cost of anyone who gets injured during the project. The best crane hire companies offer insurance as a part of what you already paid. Therefore, you need not buy a separate insurance policy. Without insurance, you will take a considerable amount of money away from the project, and you don’t want this to happen.

Assignment of lift supervisor

It is not easy finding someone to operate the crane. You need an expert in this task and someone who has years of experiences in doing the job. It takes time if you decide to look for the lift supervisor. You need the company to also provide you with someone who is responsible for doing this job. If you get someone from the company who already has enough experience, there is no need to spend time on training. The results are accurate, and you minimise the risks.

Crane repair

It is also inevitable to encounter problems in the use of the crane during the project. It is okay if you partner with a crane hire company that offers repair services. It needs to be a part of the package. The repair is on-site, so you don’t need to take the crane to the service centre, and back to the construction site. It takes a lot of time doing so, and it could halt the project for a while.

Now that you know their responsibilities, you have to be careful in deciding whom to choose as your partner. Determine if the company has a positive reputation in the industry. There are several choices available, so you need to be picky and partner with the best people for the job.

Check out if you want to lease a crane now. The company offers different models depending on what you need for the project. Ask for a quotation and let the construction project begin.

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