How To Facilitate An Effective Meeting

Meetings are often a disruption to your daily work routine and it might seem like the presenter does not respect everybody else’s time. So how do you facilitate an effective meeting with your people?

Here are some tips for you to ensure that meetings are worth everyone’s time.

Create a clear objective

Any meeting should have a purpose and a clear end goal. Is it simply to raise awareness, do you have to discuss performance and action plans, or do you need input from someone to resolve an existing problem? Whatever the meeting is about, make sure that you determine it before you send the invitations.

Send an invite via email

Receiving an invite to a meeting may make someone feel like they are an important part of it. When you create an invite, make sure that you include an agenda, time, place and duration of the meeting and also list the pre-work you have assigned to the attendees.

You may also want each of the recipients to respond and acknowledge the email to confirm their attendance. It is suggested you send the invite at least 24 hours before the meeting to ensure that everyone can clear their schedule and prepare for it.

Prepare the meeting room

Now that everyone is aware of the meeting, you have to prepare the room to ensure that everyone will be comfortable. Check the temperature of the air conditioning, not too cold but not too warm. Check if the computer in that room is working and if it is not, then call your IT helpdesk immediately. Check the projector and verify if the projector mount is angled correctly for everyone to see. Prepare a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker since you will need this to make notes that everyone else can see.

Start and end on time

Keep in mind that these people have a busy schedule, so make sure that you are able to manage time efficiently. Also, if you are known for running meetings on time, then people will be happy to attend the meetings you facilitate. Make sure that the meeting does not last more than 60 minutes, as it is the longest time that an employee can be kept engaged.

Follow up

This is the most important part yet the most disregarded. People often think that once they are able to run a successful meeting, then that’s the end of it. What people don’t understand is that follow-up is everything. Your employees will know that you are serious about the tasks on hand if you check on them from time to time. You may also want to send them the minutes of the meeting, which enumerates the tasks assigned and deadlines. By doing so, everyone can be on the same page.

Meetings are often avoided by employees but if you are able to make them more engaging and lively, then they will surely be the talk of the town for a good reason. There are several ways to make meetings more successful, but keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

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